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Wednesday Wish List

Wednesday Wish List – Dread Central

As some of you may know, I recently took the plunge and finally got myself locks. I have wanted locks since I was very young. Not particularly sure what initially ignited my love for them beyond the awesome Celtic Warrior look, I just know that the idea of having dreads was always something that interested me (blue dreads – even better). As I grew older, I learned more about the link locks have with Celtic Paganism and how Celtic warriors used to wear them to strike fear into their enemies (Spartans and Greek warriors also did the same). When I was in university a friend of mine had beautiful dreadlocks which she had done when she was traveling around India, and I always wanted to try them for myself, but was put off by the stereotype that so many people put forward of them being unwashed or the idea that you had to cut them off to get rid of them (both completely untrue might I add! I wash mine almost as regularly as my straight hair and you can brush them out if you want to).

So on February 2nd I went along to a lovely lady in Bristol named Rosielocks, and 4 hours later, I was the proud owner of 42 brand new baby dreads. I had been growing my hair out for a few months prior to this, but as Rosie used the crochet method, luckily the length of my hair remained pretty much the same.


As you can see from the above photo, they turned out amazingly! And I cannot thank Rosie enough for all of her hard work. I will be writing up a post about my ‘Dreadlock Journey’ in the future, but as I am only a couple of months in there hasn’t been a great change in them just yet beyond them falling a little better and having a LOT of dark roots!

So, for my first Wednesday Wish List of this year, I decided to go along a dreadlock theme and share with you some of my favourite adornments and products that I have found online for these knotty new friends.

Dreaded Storm… Handmade Lampwork Glass Bead

Bead 1

This gorgeous hand made glass bead by Beatle Baby Glassworks on Etsy is £12.62 and it looks like it is worth every penny. As I don’t wear jewelry, dread beads are a brilliant way to accessorize; especially if it means wearing what looks like a beautiful tiny galaxy! The colours are beautifully vivid with purples, blues, greens and pinks, and the good thing about it being glass is that there is no danger of paint peeling or wood denting over time if you didn’t happen to take these beauties out for a bit.

Vital Goods – African Black Soap Shea Butter Shampoo – Grapefruit Lemongrass Dreadlock Shampoo


Just how gorgeous and luxurious does this sound? I have been experimenting with a number of residue-free, cruelty free shampoos since getting my new dreads and this one just sounds gorgeous. The grapefruit and lemongrass combo just sounds lovely and refreshing, while the little bit of Shea Butter helps the tightening process and the Black Soap leaves you with a deep clean. Hoping to get a sample of this sometime in the future once I have finished my current bottle of Knotty Boy Shampoo (will be reviewing all the products I have tried in a future post).

Luving Your Locks – Dreadlock Hair Tie


I love the winged detailing on this gorgeous dreadlock hair tie by LuvingYourLocks on Etsy. They have also created a series of beads which match this style in various colours. The good thing about this style of hair tie is that it’s not as strenuous on your locks as elastic can be (which can sometimes cut into the lock slightly). And is long enough to deal with much thicker hair. Personally I’ve fallen in love with this whole wings/leaves range and may have to invest in a collection in the future.

Dollylocks Travel Sized Variety Pack


This is an extremely good deal, especially for people like me who are only just getting started with their hair and are eager to try out new products. I love the look of all of Dollylocks products, and this is a great way to sample some of the scents and different items including the tightening spray, powders and different shampoos. Also, it means you have a surplus of travel size items ideal for holidays (or in my case for convention weekends, festivals and LAN parties). Will definitely be treating myself to this some time in the future.

Custom Tentacle Bead from Southpaw Polymer


One of the things I love about my hair so far is the fact it kind of makes me look like a mermaid. The beach and locks kid of go hand in had, so an aquatic themed lock bead like this seems ideal to me. The company makes them completely customized to your own specifications, from size to colours, and they have a wide range of colours including some lovely metallics. Even though they are made from polymer clay, they look so much more sturdy than you would think, but the clay makes them light enough to wear in your hair without feeling dragged down.

Magic Forest Bead by Knotfarfromhair


If I was going to treat myself to any one of the beads I have favourited on Etsy, this would be a definite prize. It just looks like a miniature piece of art and has a beautiful, natural feel to it. Knotfarfromhair also do some wonderful tentacle style beads which wrap naturally around the lock and they come in a variety of fun, crazy colours.

Wednesday Wish List – Totoro Time

Wednesday Wish List – Totoro Time

Those of you who know me well may have noticed I have a slight… itsy bitsy… okay HUGE obsession with ‘My Neighbour Totoro’. Even though ‘Spirited Away’ remains my all time favourite Studio Ghibli film (so far – I mean, there are a lot of them), I just love the character of Totoro and his little tororo friends. My partner and I actually have plushies of the grey, blue and white totoros above our bed and occasionally I come home to discover they have been on some fun adventures. They’ve even left me notes when I come home after a hard weekend of conventions (They’re in my mister’s handwriting, but that can be forged right?)

You can see some of my own Totoro Fan Art here and even buy yourself a print of it, should you so wish, on my Etsy Store. But for now, here are some of my favourite Totoro related pieces from around the web for my Wednesday Wish List.

Totoro Sweater Jacket 100% hand knit from pure merino wool by AnnaWoolMagic on Etsy – £137.56


Starting with this gorgeous cardigan/sweater from Etsy. I believe it is actually one of a kind (or she only has one in stock) which is why the hefty price tag, but when you see the amount of work put into hand crafting this, that’s not really surprising. I love big baggy cardigans, especially over skirts and tights, so this would see a whole lot of use out of some one like me. Not exactly a Summer choice, but still a beautiful find.

Studio Ghibli Spirited Away Sootball Slouch style jumper by ZenohTee on Etsy – £22.99


As a ‘larger up top’ kind of gal, I find off the shoulder numbers to be incredible flattering, I also like the look of the length of the sleeves on this piece (I’m a fingerless gloves lover, so long sleeves are a good replacement for those sometimes). The design is cute and fun and can be classed as either ‘Spirited Away’ (the sweets in the top soot sprite’s hand) or ‘Totoro’ so that makes me happy. There is also a soot sprite on the back right shoulder.

All 3 Posters – my neighbor totoro, princess mononoke, spirited away – papercut style print – ghibli, movie poster, wall art, decor by BigBadRobot on Etsy – £16.75+

il_570xN.579433720_7ulf (1)

I really love the design of these paper cut-out prints. They are stylized enough that you don’t even have to be a Ghibli fan to enjoy them. A very stylish and classic way to put some Totoro love on your walls. If you like the style of this print you should definitely check out the Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away Prints that come along with it, they are gorgeous.

Totoro in the Mountain Art Print by YouCouCou on Society6 – Variety of Prices and sizes


I don’t know what it is about this piece, but I really just love Totoro’s expression! There’s something imposing and Godzilla-like about this poster whilst also retaining the cute kawaii nature of the characters.

Totoro Soot Sprite Slippers – Available to Bid on EBay


As some one who works at home, slippers are a must have and these are just awesome! Look at their little faces! There is also a range of Totoro slippers too, but I am not a fan of the Totoro smiling plushie/onesie style that I see around, I prefer his cute quizzical look.

We Are The Children Who Never Grow Up’ Vest Top – Available to bid on EBay


My one and only ‘Summer’ piece of the bunch, but the bright colours and floaty material definitely make up for it. The quote kind of sums up why I love Totoro so much – it is just a gloriously innocent children’s film that makes you feel like a kid again.

Don’t forget to check out my own Totoro artwork on Etsy. You can even earn £5 off your first purchase on Etsy here. What is your favourite Studio Ghibli film? Also, is there a character or film/TV series/book etc, that you always have to buy the merch for whenever you see it? Leave a comment below…

Wednesday Wish List – Penny Dreadful

Wednesday Wish List – Penny Dreadful

Since setting up my new Sky+ Box I have been gorging on box sets by the dozen. I have a habit of having TV on in the background when I’m drawing and a lot of the time the different shows inspire me. Lucky for me, as I am currently working on my own little series of ‘Penny Dreadfuls’, Showtime has just started playing their new series of the same name on Sky Atlantic. If you haven’t seen it yet and you are a fan of horror, literature or just good old fashioned gore, then I urge you to check this out. The literary allusions and homages are brilliantly done (anyone notice The Phantom of the Opera cameo in episode 3? Genius!) and very fun. The costumes and set are beautiful and so far I am finding the story very intriguing.

So I decided to go along the Gothic horror/Victorian theme this week with my own Penny Dreadful themed Wednesday Wish list.

 Lace Up Print Tattoo Socks

I wear a lot of leggings and tights so these are a must have for me. The great thing about the foot being bare is that they would be brilliant to wear with calf length boots, high heels or even low top sneakers. Personally I would love to wear these with my New Rock Boots. Unfortunately the Etsy Shop selling these gorgeous tights is currently Sold Out of this particular style, but I guess that’s the fun of a Wish List. They also have some beautiful artsy ‘socks’ which include flamingos and deer.

Maxi Dress by Religion in Top Shop £55

It’s always nice to find dark dresses that are suitable for the impending Summer climate. I love the grunginess of the bleached material and the fading text on this dress and the ‘mullet’ design of the skirt means that it can be dressed up or down quite easily with your foot/leg wear. The literary reference in the text on the dress is always welcome and I would have loved to have had a dress like this to wear to lectures when I was studying Milton! This would be perfect to throw on in the morning at a rock festival or for a gig (or lecture!) and looks incredibly comfy.

Barefoot Sandals Ankle Corsets £45.92

I have seen these ‘Ankle Corsets’ around a lot lately, most recently on an episode of Throne-Cast and I have to say I’ve fallen in love with them. I don’t personally wear heels, and a lot of the flats I own for formal events are pretty boring, so this would be a lovely way to goth them up with no real modding effort. They can also be used a ‘barefoot sandals’ or with flip flops and instantly add a little element of lace Victoriana to your Summer footwear.

Maleficent Lip Stick by Mac $16.50

A few years ago I invested in a tube of Maleficent’s Dark Deed from the Limited Edition Venomous Villains Collection by Mac, while I was strolling through duty free. I ended up using it primarily for pantomime as it was (obviously) a perfect villain lipstick for my Evil Queen in Snow White. It also happened to be one of the best lipsticks I have ever used! It was long lasting, moisturising and even tasted lovely, so even though I am not a huge make up wearer I knew when they brought out the new Mac Maleficent range, I would have to get something from it! I have been hankering after a nice deep red for a while as, being quite a pale person, it seemed only appropriate, so here’s hoping this will make it’s way into my very sparse make up bag sometime soon.

Jawbreaker Ouija Leggings from Blue Banana £19.99

Blue Banana have recently brought out a small range of Ouija themed clothing including a shirt dress and vest top, but these seemed to be the most flattering for me. Being a Pagan I am pretty anti dabbling with spirit boards, don’t get me wrong, but these are pretty well suited to the Penny Dreadful theme considering Eva Green’s character; plus the style of spirit boards are actually quite cool. As long as no one uses my legs for summoning spirits from the Great Beyond, I’m fine with it.

Frankenstein Literary Scarf £19.59

“My heart was fashioned to be susceptible of love and sympathy, and when wrenched by misery to vice and hatred, it did not endure the violence of the change without torture such as you cannot imagine.” –Frankenstein’s Monster.

Oh how I wish I had this scarf back when I was in University. The person who makes these lovely scarves also makes Wuthering Heights and other famous literary pieces. I love the fact that the scarf is designed so that the words will fall in a readable fashion across the chest. Considering the inclusion of Victor Frankenstein in ‘Penny Dreadful’ I thought this would be quite a nice addition to the list.

The final Gothic addition to my Wednesday Wish List is this gorgeous piece of London Plague soap. A little bit out of time with the events of the show, but I thought it would be a nice nod to Billie Piper’s character. I found this shop when I was looking through A Star Fell On Her’s Freaky Fashion Post a while back, and I loved some of their horror themed soaps. This soap is 100% vegan and contains Avocado oil, Camelia oil (green tea) coconut oil, olive oil among other things and is scented with pure lavender essential oil. So, it sounds like it smells pretty gorgeous. They also do some very cool jewelry including this Tell Tale Heart Choker Pendant.

Well, that’s all for this week’s Wednesday Wish List. I hope you liked my little horror theme and saw a few things you might like. How many of you have been watching Penny Dreadful? What do you think? I would say next to American Horror Story this is one of my new favourite TV shows and I can’t wait to see where it goes next. 

Wednesday Wish List – Etsy Highlights

Wednesday Wish List – Etsy Special

Well, at the moment I can safely say that the top of my wish list is for my internet to be working again! My phone line and broadband have both been down now for 14 days because of a ‘common’ fault all the way in Chatham of all places! So, I am currently writing my Wednesday Wish List from the lovely home of my partner while I leech internet from him for the umpteenth time this week (Thank you mister!) If you guys have been following my Facebook Page you may have noticed that last week marked my first week as an Etsy seller! That’s right, I have finally taken the plunge into the wonderful world of Etsy and so far I am loving it. (You can check out my online store here if you like) So, I thought I would ring in the occasion with an Etsy themed Wednesday Wish List. So, here are a few of the fun things I have found so far while introducing myself to the site.

Totoro & Pangur Bán Cat (Studio Ghibli / Miyazaki x Secret of Kells Crossover) Art Nouveau 10×20 Poster – £7.97

Starting off with a piece of beautiful art (which is the primary reason I love Etsy) depicting one of my favourite little characters, Totoro. I love how illustrative this is and the watercolour look. I would personally love to have a copy of this up on my wall. And at only £7.97 for a poster print, this is a steal for any Miyazaki fan.

Snails Shell Candles Handmade Eco-friendly Reusable Candles – Choose Your Scent – Set of 6 – £6.13

I have been finding a lot of snail shells around this year, and while this might make me sorta sad (poor little guys), this is a beautiful and unique way to preserve them. I’m also a bit of a pyromaniac so I love covering my house in candles (one of the great things about being a Pagan – SO many candles in the house). These would be perfect for an Earthen altar set up or just a pretty alternative to tea-lights.

Plum Octo Hair Clip – £2.85

There are a whole bunch of these designs from the same seller in varying colours, but I probably like the plum colour best (if anything it would go well with neon blue). I love the shapes and design of octopus art. Ever since working on Viceroy’s ‘The Deep’ set and drawing different forms of octopii, I have loved the style and intricacy of tentacles. They lend themselves really well to art nouveau, which may be another reason I love them.

Octopus Pendant – Green Pink and Blue Pastel Striped Glass – £22.06

Sticking with the Octopus theme, I found this sweet little pendant which would also act well as a small statue or figurine. The colours in the glass are gorgeous and I love his cute little face. not sure if I would wear it as a pendant myself or would prefer to display it, but the good thing about it being glass is I would be able to wear it if I wanted to (Remember my weird aversion to metal? Yeah – works with jewelry too)

Gothic Tote Bag (with Plain Lining) – Michael Miller Fabric – Handmade for You – £36.99

Ending on a gloriously Gothic note; I LOVE the fabric design of this tote bag. I wish I was still and English Literature student because I would blatantly use this bag to carry my gothic horror novels or Poe anthology! That being said, it is still the perfect bag for Hallowe’en or when I am just in a bit of a Wednesday Addams kind of mood.

Well, that’s it for my first dive into the wonderful world of Etsy. No doubt I will be able to create all sorts of themes from products on this site alone, but next week I will be preparing for my first LAN of the year so expect a video game oriented post. In the mean time, why not check out my own Etsy Store and see if anything there is to your liking and I will speak to you all soon. 

Wednesday Wish List – Gaming Special

Wednesday Wish List – Gaming Special

After a weekend being surrounded by gamers, video game previews, cosplayers (dressing as video game characters) and Poros… oh so many Poros, I figured a video game edition of Wednesday Wish List was in order. A lot of these things I was lucky enough to see at London MCM, but some of them have been in the back of my mind for a while.

League of Legends ‘Poro’ Plushie

Okay, so it seems finding the official link to these little guys on the internet is nigh on impossible. If you know the store that was selling them at London MCM, please leave a comment in the comments section below as I would love to share it with everyone. These little guys were THE mascot of London MCM this year and you would be hard done by to find some one who hadn’t seen them that day. These particular Poros actually had a small clip on the base so you could attach them to your clothes. A must have for League of Legends fans, or just fans of cute fluffy things! If you fancy a little bit of crafting, there is a sewing pattern available here.

Wildstar – Standard Edition – $59.99, Deluxe – $74.99

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of this game at London MCM alongside ChaosHour and it looks absolutely amazing! I actually signed up for the Beta a while ago, but sadly never got the chance to play it. A good friend of mine, Reaperfox was able to take part however, and she could not speak more highly of it. I haven’t ever been involved in an MMO from the ground up, so I am really excited in getting involved in this one as the gameplay looks fantastic and the art style is beautiful. I am still very much a Guild Wars 2 girl at heart, but it will be nice to be involved in this game with a few of my friends and give me a chance to hang out with Reaper in a social setting rather than always meeting up when we’re working.

Poro Print – ReaperFox – £10 Etsy

Speaking of Reaperfox (and Poros) and linking my first two entries neatly together – I need this piece of cute art in my life. I’ve seen it staring at me at a couple of cons now and I am always meaning to pick it up. Perfect for the League lover in your life – or, again, if you can’t resist their cute little faces!

TeeTurtle – ‘The Painter’ Tee Shirt – £20

I love TeeTurtle. Pretty much every design they make is absolutely adorable! But none so much as this lovely little design of  Amaterasu from the Capcom game ‘Ōkami’. I haven’t actually played any of the new versions of this game, but I have always been in love with the design of the character, plus look how cute! I managed to pick this shirt up for £20 from TeeTurtle at London MCM and it kind of fitted in perfectly given the theme of painting (and me being there as an artist), but I had to resist buying EVERYTHING else from their store (so many Totoro and Pokemon tees…)

SteelSeries Guild Wars 2 Gaming Mouse – £49.99

I am not going to lie, I kind of need this in my life. I already have the SteelSeries Guild Wars 2 Gaming Keyboard and it is an absolute beauty. I even have a Guild Wars 2 Mouse Mat (yeah, fangirl, I know), but my sad little mouse that sits on top of it is hardly worthy. I’m not a huge fan of overly complicated gaming mice (mouses? Is it still mice when they’re not animals? I dunno…), I mean, the R.A.Ts are pretty ridiculous. I just like the nice simple, easy to use smoothness of this mouse. It just screams relaxed, but dedicated.

The Art of Bioshock Infinite – Amazon, £22.49

This book has been on my Amazon Wish List since before the game even came out. I followed the concept of Bioshock Infinite pretty closely as the teasers were being released and I absolutely fell in love with its style. I was wary at first as they were leaving Rapture to travel above the clouds and I loved the underwater, art deco style of the previous two games so I really didn’t think I would like this one. But as the creatures and powers slowly got leaked, I knew I was going to fall just as hard for this game as its predecessors. There is nothing like a good concept art book for the coffee table… now all I need is a coffee table big enough for all of my art books…

Well, that’s all for this week folks. What gaming gear are you currently hankering after? 

Wednesday Wish List

Inspired by my good friend Lisa (CthulhuWakes) and her blog ‘A Star Fell On Her’, I have decided to start some themed blog post days as a way to get my blogging organized. Having been away from the blog-o-sphere for over a year now thanks to my old website breaking, it’s nice to get back to the exercise of writing regularly, even if it is only to say hi to you guys or make some announcements.

I’m also really looking forward to getting more involved in the blogging community. I follow a lot of my artist friends who I have been lucky enough to meet at cons around the world, but it would be nice to meet some bloggers from the spectral world of the internet too. So if you like blogging about art, comics, books, films, games and anything geeky in-between, I’d love to hear from you. If you could make a comment with a link to your own blog, I’d love to check it out.

All that being said, why not get started with my Wednesday Wish List! On my travels around conventions (and constantly scouring the internet for ideas), I have found a few awesome goodies that I think need to be brought to your attention. So, without further ado, here they are…

Wednesday Wish List

‘See You Space Cowboy’ Tote Bag by Megan Lara on Society6 – $22

If you are a regular convention goer you will probably recognize the artwork of Megan Lara a mile off (Firefly Nouveau,  Nintendo Nouveau). The Art Nouveau inspired, pop culture referencing beauty of her pieces is astounding. Granted, I am the target market; not only do I absolutely LOVE Art Nouveau, but I am obviously a massive geek, so her gorgeous, classic, elegant designs are perfect for me. I found this piece – ‘See You Space Cowboy’, inspired by ‘Cowboy Bebop’ – on Society6 and immediately knew I had to have it (She also has shirts available on Red Bubble). I opted to get it as a Tote Bag so I could wear it proudly to my next con. Corgis, guns, art nouveau – what more could I want?

Rat Queens Tunic Tank Top – $30


If you haven’t read Rat Queens yet then I really don’t know what you are doing with your lives! It is an amazing bad ass comic full of fantastic female characters and some amazing one liners. If you love role playing games, kick ass fight scenes and tales of bad mouthed babes and drunken debauchery, this is for you! Check out my review over on Chaos Hour if you are interested. The thing I LOVE about the merch for this book is, much like the book itself, it is representative of women of all shapes and sizes. The models on their site are beautiful, normal looking girls, and the clothes really compliment their shapes. While I love the design of this vest, there is also a gorgeous off-the-shoulder sweater that is perfect for us more ‘heavy up top’ ladies as it looks very complimentary. Style & Sexiness +10!

Razer Deathadder Soap from Soapasaurus – £7

Razer Death Adder Soap

There are so many awesome soaps to choose from on this website, I really didn’t know which one to showcase to you all. Seriously, you should go check out the site as all of their stuff is fun, quirky and (having met them at cons) smells gorgeous. This one won out, however, as it is definitely on my new house wish list. The mister and I are big gamers and even built our own PCs. While mine mostly has Guild Wars related kit (SteelSeries Guild Wars 2 Gaming Keyboard), he is a bit of a Razer fan boy, so this would be a perfect fit for our future bathroom. Scented with lime, this is a perfect ‘wake up’ soap, and looks awesome to boot. Warning: May increase your pwning skill.

Dirty Teacup Designs’ ‘Fashion Villain’ Gift Cards – $15 for 5

Dirty Teacup - Fashion Villains

I was lucky enough to work with Dirty Teacup Designs on the Unstoppable Cards’ ‘Dead Divas’ set. I love her macabre characters mixed with her feminine style. These cards are a great way of getting samples of her artwork at a nice affordable price, plus they would make perfect birthday/thank you/note cards to send to that Wednesday Addams in your life (you know we all have one and if you don’t, it’s you).

Teatube Test Tube Tea Infuser by Think Geek – $11.99

Tea Infuser

For those of you who don’t know me, I LOVE tea. Yes, I am a blue haired girl who loves tea (Ramona jokes may now ensue). But, for reasons unbeknownst to me, I have a very strange aversion to metal (i.e. chains, jewelry, etc), so Tea Infusers tend to pass me by (which is a shame, because this owl shaped one – also from ThinkGeek – is adorable). So imagine my happiness when I found this lovely little test tube shaped tea infuser. Perfect for science geeks and Aperture employees alike.

Well, that’s all from me today. Hope you enjoyed my little foray back into blogging. Let me know what you think below. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up and join in some discussions with you lovely folk.