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My First Ookii Parcel Review – May Box

I have tried out a couple subscription parcels over the years. When I was working in an office ‘Graze‘ was a gods’ send as it allowed me to eat healthy snacks instead of the lovely food readily available in a central London office (SO many temptations!). Last year I tried out both ‘Loot Crate‘¬†and ‘My Geek Box‘ which were both amazing and VERY dangerous to my bank account and now I am trying out my first ever kawaii themed box – the ‘Ookii box’ by Kawaii Club, a Keep It Secret UK Subscription service.

I was actually lucky enough to get a job with Keep It Secret last month as their new Social Media Manager, so I think that in light of that I should definitely share my Oookii parcel opening with you guys! (And you should, y’know, share it with everyone…) So, here is my box opening of my first ever Ookii Parcel, or as I like to call it – the Squishiest parcel in the world!




Can you feel the cute yet?


Obligatory shot of Keep It Secret UK’s social media sites. You can also find them here! (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube)


Starting with the edibles, we have Milk flavoured Pocky. Milk is a good choice! And this is also available on their website for a really good price (it’s on SALE now)


I actually already have a Mickey Mouse TSUMTSUM so I was pretty happy to get this little cute Tigger. He is adorable!


A VERY squishy ice cream cone, just in time for the Summer.


I actually had no idea where I recognized this guy from then realized he was from an animation my partner shared with me. He’s just so worried!


One of the less squishy additions to this box, a lovely little Sanrio addition in the form of a Keroppi pin badge.



I will admit this was a little bit difficult to open, but once I did it was a happy surprise to see that this squishy Oreo cookie was in fact a compact mirror.


This little phone charm is very cute, but it is also a little bit sticky so I probably won’t be adding it to my phone any time soon because of pocket lint.


What could this possibly be…?


Well you three are just adorable!


Overall I am really happy with my first ever Ookii parcel and really looking forward to seeing what the theme will be next month (or in only a couple of days according to the website – 4 days till processing apparently – how exciting). Keep It Secret have recently announced some new Pocky flavours including cookies and cream (which sound delicious!), so here is hoping we get to try some of those soon! They have also recently added some beautiful stationery including Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, Pandas and Mindwave, so I am really hoping to get some of those in the future.

Did you get an Ookii parcel last month? What did you think of it? And what are you hoping for in the next package?