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I REALLY Heart Drag Queens

I REALLY Heart Drag Queens

I didn’t know what a Lesbian was until I was 14. I had heard the term Gay, but only when used for men and even then it was in the confines of a pretty Catholic upbringing. I had no Gay friends (as far as I knew). I didn’t know or understand the term Bisexual until I watched the film ‘Chasing Amy’ when I was 16 and even then it didn’t exactly bring up anything particularly constructive beyond the usual stereotypes of Bisexuals making a ‘choice’ to be Straight or Gay depending on who they were with at the time. Even Willow, one of my teenage role models from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, always considered herself having discovered being a Lesbian rather than just admitting to the fact that she had loved Oz, a cis-gendered male, before loving Tara. Queer role models were not exactly easy to find for a relatively sheltered Catholic school girl from Cardiff.

I started going out and drinking with my friends when I was 16. I managed to get a relatively realistic looking fake ID and was super proud that a couple of the establishments in town would fall for it. For this purpose (even though it was half a lifetime ago now), I won’t mention the bars or the people working in them by name as I would hate for them to get into any trouble (it was a really good fake ID… and having been a bartender since then I know how difficult it can be to age-guess sometimes).

We only had one rock/alternative bar at the time. And it was only worth going to on a Wednesday when the drinks were ridiculously cheap, and that was a school night. So Fridays/Saturdays were for extreme cheese. 70’s, 80’s and 90’s hits and even some musical mash ups. Think Steps, S Club 7 and all of the wonderful glory in its heyday. So a group of us underage, naive girls would head to our local Drag Club. Of course we would flirt and drink, not really thinking of the dangers that could come out of it. But we were young and stupid. There was something about being in a Gay bar which made us feel like we were free to dance and have fun without any of the usual come-ons and awkward conversations which would follow when we explained to these older guys that we were too young and not interested.

We managed to make friends and I slowly got to know people outside of my sheltered Catholic upbringing. Soon we were meeting up on Fridays with larger groups of people. We were talking about Gay rights, Pride, drag and I was slowly learning about the importance of pronouns, prejudice and checking my language (I am still learning. We all are). It was the best learning I received from my final year in High School.

We got to know a few of the Drag performers and I’m pretty sure that they knew how old we were. Years later I spoke to one of them and they said that they often got groups of young people coming to their shows as a gateway into the Gay community and that it was safer to let them come into that bar, underage, and keep them safe from the bullying they could experience in other clubs than it was to kick them out for having a drink.

It says a lot that I only really remember three instances of prejudice from my time hanging out at these clubs (and one was on the street, not in the bar itself).

Once was when I was being chatted up by a guy while I was watching a Drag show with my friends. I told him I wasn’t interested and even went so far as to tell him my age (he was in his 20s). He proceeded to come on to me despite this and was saying things along the lines of ‘age doesn’t matter’ and ‘the more fun for me’. It was very intrusive. It was this point that one of the Drag Queens clocked the incident and swooped in like some beautiful protective mother hen. She started berating him from the stage over the microphones and calling him out for his penis size and all manner of possible inadequacies. Of course he shouted back at her calling her all sorts of triggering words which I won’t repeat here. But she just laughed and sent him on his way, using her Queenly power to summon the bouncers to escort him out. She was a bloody hero. I had seen people take on stage abuse at things such as pantomime before, but nothing like this and she just shrugged it off as just another day ‘like water off a duck’s back’ and went back to work.

The second time was while we were all dancing. The Queen on stage had a set where she would throw paper plates into the crowd and get us to all dance to ‘Zorba The Greek’. As a Greek girl myself, this was always my favourite part of the night. During this dance, a man came over and started to grind against me and my friends, groping us and generally being very touchy feely. A bunch of the guys we were hanging out with saw this and began to grind against him, making him feel very awkward. He moved away immediately but as this was a Gay club, he couldn’t exactly go and say they were acting inappropriately so he just left us alone. The power was reversed. It was a pretty special thing to watch. Especially as if something like that had gone down in any other bar in Cardiff it would have most likely ended up with a fight.

The third time I remember was when me and a few of our friends were walking back to the taxi rank. We were being wolf whistled and cat called as we walked down the street which was most commonly known at the time for housing the most gay bars. A guy started following me and trying to talk to me. One of the girls I was with held my hand and told him to back off. He proceeded to shout homophobic abuse at her and suggest that he could change us etc. etc… the usual garbage. He even suggested that we both share him. She turned around and kicked him in the groin and we all ran away laughing. I think about how I would feel in that situation if I was alone and not with a group of Queer warriors and I feel a little bit sick.

These experiences are so tame in comparison to what so many of my Queer friends have experienced. I was so lucky. I was coming from a place of cis-gendered, white, able-bodied, middle class privilege that I didn’t even know about. As I grew up I met friends who had been thrown out of their homes, abandoned by their families, beaten, abused and generally had to fight tooth-and-nail just to be who they were.

I have also had the privilege of having been a ‘passing’ Bisexual. I have known about my sexuality for as long as I knew there was a word for it (though even now the language is constantly changing – I suppose I would consider myself Pansexual now that I am more aware of Non-Binary, Intersex and Transgender people. But I identified as Bi for so long it is just a term I am comfortable with). But I have only ever introduced my family to my cis-male partners. This was not through any choice, it just so happened that many of my long term relationships were with men. As such I have never had to ‘come out’ to my family, despite all of my friends knowing about my sexuality and me never having been particularly closed off about it.

This year I became single for the first time in five years. I was single at 30 and it was actually incredibly liberating. It was at this time that I got offered the colouring book ‘I Heart Drag Queens’. As I was coming up with ideas for the book (mostly watching ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’, ‘To Wong Foo’, ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’ and listening to the soundtrack to Rikki Beadle-Blair’s musical ‘Stonewall’ on repeat) I began reminiscing about the fun I had growing up in the gay community in Cardiff. The Drag Queens, the parties, the nights out, but mostly how safe I felt to be myself and explore my sexuality. You often hear Drag Queens described as ‘Fierce’ and you have no idea how true that is.

I knew that when the book came out I wanted to make sure there were at least a few pages dedicated to representing different genders and sexualities, as well as the different types of Queen including Bearded Queens, Androgynous Queens, Fashion and Pageant Queens and Plus-Sized Queens. I wanted to represent different races and body types as best I can and, most importantly, I didn’t want it to fall into the category of Drag Queens just being ‘guys in dresses’. I really wanted to show their fierce beauty. I hope I’ve done that in some small way as well as made it fun.

With the launch of ‘I Heart Drag Queens’ in October I knew I was going to be posting about this a lot on social media and all over the internet. So, earlier in the year, I decided to finally tell my parents about my sexuality. It was the easiest conversation it could have possibly been. I knew they had always suspected and I had never gone out of my way to hide my affections and attractions to women, but I knew that by not openly telling them I was keeping them out of an important part of who I was.

Again I note my privilege in that I know how lucky I am to come from a family of amazingly understanding and open people. Despite being a majority Catholic family, my family have always been accepting, caring and loving towards all of us and go out of their way to understand and fight for us on a daily basis. Little freedoms like not having to check my pronouns or language or hide my crushes for celebrities around them are finally gone. I could not be happier for having such an amazing family and friendship circle who is always encouraging me to be myself. If there is one thing I regret it would be waiting so long to let them know officially (even if they always had an inkling).

So, while working on a colouring book may not seem like the most enlightening or life-changing experience, I just wanted to share with you a few of the thoughts that have been floating around in my head since I started work on it earlier in the year. ‘I Heart Drag Queens’ is now available to buy on Amazon and from most local retailers. Working on this book was an honour and a privilege and I hope I did some of those beautiful, fierce and strong queens proud; because I really do ‘Heart’ Drag and everything it represents in my small little life of growing up in the LGBTQ+ community.

But mostly, I hope that the book is still fun! Fill it with rainbows, glitter and sparkle and enjoy every page. I know I did. Patreons can view preview pages from ‘I Heart Drag Queens’ over on my Patreon now. You can also view previews of pages from the book via the ‘Look Inside’ option on Amazon, or visit my Gallery here. 

Birthday Book Promotion Weekend

As some of you may know, it is my birthday on the 17th July and, to celebrate, I am giving YOU presents! From the 16th – 19th July Cirque Du Mort will be available for FREE on your Amazon Kindle! If you would like to add this to your Facebook schedule, why not join the Facebook Event here.

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But I don’t have an Amazon Kindle? 

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Colour Me Mindful Competition


I have recently received the complimentary ‘author’ (I love how it says I am an author in the introduction…) copies of my Colour Me Mindful books from Orion Publishing. They are absolutely beautiful! The team did an absolutely amazing job editing them and I love the travel-size-for-your-convenience dimensions of the books themselves, which are ideal for sticking in your hand luggage for a Summer Holiday, or keeping in your bag for when you fancy a cheeky doodle on the go.

I have really enjoyed following all the buzz that Orion are creating for the launch of these books in the UK on the 30th July (not long now!) and seeing all of the book bloggers and reviewers trying their hands at colouring them (you can see some samples here). And speaking of BUZZ (see what I did there), Colour Me Mindful: Underwater was even mentioned on Buzzfeed’s ’17 Colouring Books That Every Grown-Up Needs’, how amazing is that!

There is still chance for you to pre-order your copies from and it seems that the hype has even extended to the next series of three books out in October!


Colour Me Mindful: Butterflies isn’t even finished yet and already it is generating enough pre-orders and clicks on Amazon that it is a #1 New Release! Before it’s even released! No pressure or anything! This is testament to the art department at Orion’s excellent job at creating a beautiful cover out of my artwork and I cannot thank them enough. Not to mention my editor Anna Valentine who commissioned me to work on the projects in the first place.


But, enough about the future books, let’s be mindful of the present and live in the now. The first three books haven’t even been released yet!

So here is your chance to get your hands on a copy of each: Colour Me Mindful: BirdsColour Me Mindful: Tropical and Colour Me Mindful: Underwater; each signed by myself; and an ORIGINAL PAGE from one of the books – and you get to choose which book!


The competition is hosted by Rafflecopter and as such is a Raffle! In order to enter the raffle, you simply have to follow the instructions in the box below. You can login using either Facebook or your email address and there are a number of different ways to enter.


The two mandatory fields are that you have to sign up to my Blog (scroll to the bottom of this page and you will find the form in the footer) and visit my author page on Amazon. Doing both of these things will give you 10 entries into the raffle! You will also unlock a number of other ways to get more entries into the raffle – all of them pretty simple things like tweeting or visiting a Facebook page.

So get entering! The competition runs until the 24th July and the winner will be announced via Twitter and Facebook (as well as on this blog). This means that you will get your copies of the book before it comes out in the UK (post allowing). Some international entrants will be in with the chance to win these books months before they come out in your country!

Thank you so much for entering and good luck!

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Cirque Du Mort – Now On Your Kindle!

After a lot of programming, editing and learning how to create an e-book, Cirque Du Mort is now available to download on your Kindle! If you don’t have a Kindle you can download the Kindle Reading Ap, available on most mobile devices (I downloaded mine via the Play Store on my Samsung) or even on your PC (LINK HERE) so there is no excuse.

While I personally prefer the physical copy (which you can buy via ETSY and will be available to buy direct from Amazon very soon), with your Kindle you are free to zoom into the images and see all the little details of their costumes and character.

Within only a few hours of going live on Amazon, Cirque Du Mort had already reached #1 BEST SELLER on the YA Short Horror Stories chart! Which is amazing! And, thanks to the help of some wonderful Kickstarter backers, friends, family and a couple of kind reviewers from Goodreads, it has managed to stay in the Top Ten since (EDIT: Hit #1 again on the 30th June).

Untitled-1 (4)

Every review, purchase and download of the book helps propel it up the main Kindle chart and the further up the chart it goes, the more likely it is to be seen by a wider audience. If you would like to leave a review of the book but are a little foggy as to how, I’ve made a helpful guide below.

How to write a Kindle review

The link to the Amazon Page can be found HERE

I will also be running a Birthday Book Promotion Weekend from the 16th-19th July, where the Kindle book will be FREE to download, so, if you can’t afford it right now, fret not! Simply wait for that weekend and you can grab yourself a free copy. You can find more information on the weekend or set it as an event on your Facebook (so you can get reminders) by joining THIS EVENT on Facebook.

Instead of birthday wishes this year I would love for you to download my book and leave a review, or even just tweet/instagram/blog/vlog/facebook/email about it and tell your friends and family. Every share of the book and positive review, download or purchase helps not only speed it up the ranks of Amazon, but cements it firmly as a popular and well regarded book on one of the biggest book dealership websites available. And that is a pretty amazing birthday present!

Thank you all for having a read of this post and checking out the Cirque Du Mort, I really hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget, even if you haven’t bought the book via Amazon (i.e. if you are a Kickstarter Backer, bought it at a convention or on Etsy, or received a review copy on Goodreads) you can still leave a review on Amazon. The event for the free book promotion can be found here and the Amazon link is here. Let’s get this circus on the road!

Saturday Stash

It occurs to me that I have yet to do a ‘loot’ or ‘hoard’ post, so I thought I should give it a go…

The last few weeks have been a little bit frugal, so I’ve gathered a few of my recent buys from the last month together into my first Saturday Stash. Considering I don’t go shopping that often (apart from for art supplies), this probably won’t be a very regular thing. But, as conventions are starting up again next week, you never know (I tend to do all my shopping at conventions – I mean, I’m in a hall full of geeky products, how could I not).

Starting off with my best buys for the month. The mister and I went to a car boot sale a week or so ago and challenged each other to go off and buy something for £2! I think I won because I came back with this gorgeous little art nouveau owl statue (two things I love) for only 50p (the base was broken but nothing that some superglue couldn’t fix) and 2 Zadie Smith books I have been eyeing up in Waterstones for a while, for only a £1. Leaving me with 50p for a bottle of water (it was a very hot day).



This month saw the arrival of my very first Loot Crate. It was pretty obvious what would be inside (the clue was transfrom – hello!) but I was pretty happy with the contents considering that my partner is a MASSIVE Transformers fan. He wore the shirt to work the very next day.







Probably my biggest expenditure for the month – I got my hair dyed and cut! My roots were coming through something fierce and as I am growing it long I hadn’t had it trimmed in a while. Thanks to Owen from Slunks in Cardiff I now have healthy ends with a Summery turquoise blue on top and Neon Blue underneath (Colour by Manic Panic).




I stopped in to visit my partner in his new job the other day and he happens to work opposite a Waterstones… yeah, that’s going ot be a problem. As I was waiting for him I noticed this lovely copy of the novel of Battle Royale and it just so happened to be in the ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’… it would be rude not to, right?


Finally, my copy of Afterlife Inc, the gorgeous Hard Back edition came through yesterday and it is beautiful. If you haven’t checked out Afterlife yet you seriously need to. I have been a die hard supporter of these books since I first found them at Bristol Comic Expo two years ago and have reviewed them several times for Chaos Hour as well as funding their various projects. It is a brilliant story and this new edition bundles them altogether into a wonderful hard back with a load of fun added extras in the back.


1404577240144Well, would you look at that! You have to read it now!

What Book/s Would You Like to See Adapted into a Video Game?

IGGPP asked what book (or series of books) we would like to see adapted into a video game…

Inspired by IGGPP’s Twitter poll yesterday, I had a long hard think about what books would translate well into video games. If you haven’t already visited International Geek Girl Pen Pals, you really need to head over there. It is a brilliant community of like minded geeks, fans and generally awesome folk. Thanks to them I have met a few friends on Twitter already and I cannot wait for this months’ draft of pen pal partners (it will be my first time having a real life pen pal since I was about 8!)

So, I’ve been having a think about some books that would work well as video games. Some have already been attempted, but weren’t necessarily satisfying (see my Game of Thrones review on Chaos Hour) and some, I feel, just need to have the right gaming genre (You will notice, as an RPG fanatic, a lot of my choices are RPG-centric). Let me know what you think. This is by no means a definitive list, but definitely some of the books I would love to see adapted.

[Warning: Some of these descriptions may give away key plot points to the books in question]

Gone by Michael Grant pb

Gone Series – Michael Grant

I personally think this series would work amazingly as an action, RPG or even a hack slash game. You could even work elements of horror in there what with the incredibly disturbing antagonists and events.  You have teenagers with super powers, a bunch of awesome villains and an intriguing story line – what more could you want from a game? Ideally you could start off as Sam Temple and later add different characters to your party with different characteristics and powers. Or, if you didn’t want to go along with the main story line of the book, you could just play a random powered up teen who is trying to survive alongside the events of the main story, helping them out as you go.

There are a lot of elements to this series that would work well in a game – imagine a hide and seek style horror level running away from Drake; or manipulating the main game world as Little Pete; or having to save as many school students from their cement blocks as you can before a time runs out. It writes itself.


Divergent – Veronica Roth

I think this one would be too obvious to follow the actual story line, but hey, that would still work. I think it would be much more exciting to have a game with several different endings and stories. Let’s say you start the game as a personalized male or female character in a faction of your choice (Amity, Erudite, Dauntless, Abnegation, Candor) and you have to go through a tutorial level/introductory level which leads you to taking the personality test. Here you are told that you are Divergent but you get the choice to stay in your faction or move to another one. Your choices ultimately lead into what sort of game you have to play. If you go to Dauntless, you have to go through their training; if you end up in Erudite, you end up working for the enemy. It could lead to making a lot of fun, different quests for each faction that would still ultimately end up falling in line with each other eventually as the storyline pans out.


Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

How this hasn’t been made into a video game yet is beyond me. But maybe the idea of children killing each other is okay to watch on screen, but not so good to re-enact in game form… (but Grand Theft Auto is fine…) The game would pretty much write itself, especially if it followed all three of the books in one game; leading to two Hunger Games and one rebellion. You would play as Katniss, obviously, and I can imagine an almost Tomb Raider feel to the game play. I am already crying at the idea of a Rue cut scene; and doing the mutant dog/recycled teens justice would be terrifying and a great level.


A Song of Ice And Fire – George R R Martin

I know this has actually been attempted, but as you can see from my review over on Chaos Hour, it was a little bit of a disappointing attempt. I would love to see this done in an open world style like Skyrim or Oblivion where you could start as a random adventurer who inserts themselves into the major plot points of the books. Say you start as a fighter in the North and you begin with simple quests for the Starks, you could travel to the South and fight for Ned when he is betrayed or go to the Wall and help with the siege. Either way it would be impossible to play a main character as for one, as none of them are safe (Gorram you George!) and it would be no fun as you wouldn’t be able to take part in every aspect of the story.

If you made it an open world a la Skyrim, and you a random hero who happens to be in the right place at the right time much like the Dragonborn, it would mean you could technically fight for all sides and allegiances and be part of all of the major battles as well as diplomatic funzies. Obviously there would be quests that would lead to main character deaths which would make certain quests unplayable, but hey – Skyrim has the Dark Brotherhood do that, so why not you?


Animorphs – K.A. Applegate

Animorphs was one of my favourite book series when I was a kid. I remember reading them in bed late into the night and scaring myself silly at the thought of evil aliens crawling into my ear when I least suspected it. But most of all, I loved the idea of being able to turn into an animal.

I know that this was adapted into a game for the Game Boy Colour/PC/Playstation but it would be awesome to see these re-invented. The fun of this game is that you would be able to collect animal DNA, like some sort of pokemon master, by just finding animals in game and assimilating them for later use. This would make the game really fun as you would have to assimilate a bird in order to reach higher levels, small animals like mice, rats, etc, so you could get through small holes. Much like the Lego games where you have to play different characters to unlock different areas, this would require you to morph into different animals.


Ready Player One – Ernest Cline

Ending with the most obvious and probably the most challenging. A book about being inside a video game! Adaptation-ception! The fun thing about this is that you would have to switch between the game world where you would be expected to fulfil all of the quests necessary to advance the plot line (including finishing the in-game puzzles); and the ‘real’ world where you would have to avoid capture and safe guard your physical form. It would be a difficult game to script in a way that would interchange between the real world and virtual world well, but it would be incredibly exciting and a perfect game for gamer-fans who would love all of the references to old school game that … mentions as well as 80s trivia and old-school game challenges.

Graphic Novels (Not including super hero comics which kinda go without saying)



Rat Queens

My love for Rat Queens is pretty well known, so the idea of playing an RPG of a comic based on RPGs would just be so meta and so awesome! As it is already based on a party of four, playing a four player party system (a la X-Men)  would make the most sense, wrangling all four of the character powers which are already complimentary and diverse. Plus, the script would be hilarious!


Attack On Titan

Who hasn’t read these awesome mangas or watched the television series and thought this wouldn’t work as a video game? Hack/Slash pure and simple! I know they have been developed into games in Japan and have had one action title for the Nintendo DS, but with the popularity it has seen in the West, it would be pretty awesome to see a worldwide release.


Mouse Guard

The beauty of this comic is that it is already perfect for an action RPG. The story and characters are so epic (while also being adorable) that adapting it into a video game would be too easy.


Stuff Of Legend

If you haven’t reads these graphic novels, I highly recommend them. Think a very dark Toy Story with boogey men, death and kidnapping small children. As the story takes place in two worlds, one where the toys are toys and the other where they are real characters (teddy bear is a bear, tin soldier is an actual soldier etc), it would make the game play exciting and fun to have to switch between the two.

Honourable Mentions

Testament of Sherlock Holmes – I know there are quite a few Sherlock Holmes games out there, but this is one that I played recently and really stuck with me. This is actually quite a fun little point and click. The detective aspect is challenging and it is very close to the original book’s style, mysteries and methods. If you liked old school games like ‘Seventh Guest’ or ‘Titanic’, then this game is perfect for you. The graphics aren’t amazing, but it is perfect for fans of Arthur Conan Doyle’s great detective.

Dante’s Inferno – Okay, so this is in NO way an accurate adaptation of Dante’s fantastic Italian epic poem (and probably my favourite book of all time). Beatrice is your typical fridged female character and serves no purpose but to propel Dante through Hell; the history and plot line are completely over the top and highly inaccurate… but, that all being said, it is an EXTREMELY fun game. The imagery is amazingly dark and disturbing and the inclusion of classical mythology is wonderfully done. Overall, if you are not too much of a traditionalist and can see the fun, this is an extremely enjoyable game.

American McGee’s Alice – Again, not in any way an accurate adaptation, but dear gods this is a great game. The newest sequel Alice: Madness Returns is also beautiful with great graphics, character and world design. A very fun old school platform which indulges the Alice myth while turning it on a delightfully dark head.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring (PS2) – Around about the time of the Lord of The Rings film releases and therefore video games releases (that Palantir of Saruman – what a boss level!), there was a very overlooked PS2 game that followed the books rather than the films. While it wasn’t the best game in the world, it was a true adaptation of the books and (as I remember it) very enjoyable. Even Tom Bombadil was included!

What do you think? What book or graphic novel would you like to see adapted into a video game? What books have already been adapted and left something to be desired? Or is there one out there that you think got it right? Let me know in the comments below…