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Motivational Spirit

by Anastasia Catris in Personal Comments: 2 tags: july, lifestyle, motivate, motivation, NaBloPoMo

After a month of not being connected to the technological world, I found myself disconnected from the creative one… Time to get motivated!

When my internet finally came back on earlier this week, I was expecting a huge influx of work to come pouring out of me. Sadly that wasn’t quite the case. A lot of the work I have to catch up on has already been paid for, which is obviously pushing me harder and harder to complete it, but I don’t have that wonderful creative drive I do for new projects and new challenges. So, this week I endeavored to snap myself out of it!


Not only do I have a lot of work to catch up on, but convention season starts up again next week and I need to get my head back in the game. On top of all that, I finally have the resources I need to research my creator-owned project which was meant to be well on its way to completion by now, but due to the upheaval of June, is running ‘behind schedule’ (I say ‘behind’ I actually factored in a ‘just in case month and half’ but it would have been nice not to have to use it). You can see some of the inspiration I have been gathering for this project over on my Pinterest board, which I will obviously be adding to over the coming weeks.

My partner has just started a new job which is playing around with our hours and body clocks slightly, but this morning I managed to get up bright and early with him and start my day properly. I got my tickets booked for London next week (we’re going to see Baby Metal), transport and accommodation sorted for London Film and Comic Con¬†and caught up on a whole bunch of e-mails before 9am. I almost instantly felt a huge weight off my shoulders as the logistics for next week were finally sorted and I could get back onto catching up on commissions.

My boyfriend and I are actually looking to move out later in the year (we both still live with our respective parents – living the dream – I know) so looking at housing and rental accommodation is definitely an incentive to get in the working spirit. I also took the time out of my day to just sit and meditate, which I never really take the time to do, but it definitely helped me organize my head a bit more and banish all of those nasty niggling thoughts of money worries and ‘starving artist stress’. Tomorrow I intend to get back to the gym as I have only managed to go once this week and that is definitely not good enough. I am hardly a gym bunny, but just a simple walk and sweat can really make a difference to me waking up in the morning and me stewing inside my own head.

One of the main things I have learned about being freelance is that it is very easy to work all the hours in the day if you let yourself – and that is NOT healthy. I’ve tried to make an active change in my work day (even if it is much longer than your average 9-5) to try and take some time out for myself. I never eat lunch at my desk anyway (hardly good for the artwork is it) but I try to take an hour for lunch anyway now, even if that is not all spent cooking/eating; I try to get out to the gym or for a walk at least before I start my day and I take more regular breaks just to stretch my legs and walk around the garden or play with the degus. I’m hoping this will pay off in that I won’t feel so fragged at the end of the day, but only time will tell. Until then, just keep on swimming!

Just a couple of shots of my garden. Pretty happy with how my plants are coming through. The roses are particularly impressive as they were just thrown in the clay soil underneath my house before I even moved there. They were a bit under the weather when I moved in (aphids mostly) bust seem to be doing much better now. There is something about taking a walk out amongst greenery, or tending to it that makes me feel a lot better.