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Wildstar In Wonderland

I am currently working on a review of WildStar for [Edit: Now Live Here], but in the meantime I just wanted to share with you this cute little hidden gem to the game. I decided to start the game playing an Exile Aurin (for those familiar with the game, yes those are the cute little rabbit looking elves). As I love playing stealth/thief characters I chose a Stalker class and as I am a bit of an map/collection completion-ist, I decided to go Explorer path. So, the first thing I decided to do upon landing on planet Nexus after the beginning tutorial quests was thoroughly look around and start gathering up those Explorer achievements. Little did I know I was going to find this gorgeous little homage right in my back yard in Celestion.


After finding a White Jabbit I was compelled to eat a small mushroom which I found in a cave next to the waterfall. Next thing I know I was shrunk down to even pintier-pint size than I already was and walking into a colourful little hidden world (complete with obligatory chest). Sat on top of a large mushroom was a Hookah Smoking Splorg (That sweet little catterpillar looking dude) and in a hidden room next door was an adorable little tea party! Just in case I didn’t like where this game was heading already, they only went and put this delightful literary reference of an Easter Egg in there! Here’s hoping I find some more along the way.


Are you playing WildStar? If so, have you found any fun little Easter Eggs like this one? Let me know below…