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London Comic Con Prep

Radio silence will possibly ensue over the next few days as I am leaving early tomorrow to head to London for London Film and Comic Con, my first convention back on the circuit after my month off. This is the first time I have appeared at LFCC and I am extremely excited. LFCC was actually my first convention as an attendee when I was in my first year of University in London. I met the wonderful Richard Briers and we discussed Shakespeare together. I even met Elijah Wood (my childhood crush) and was lucky enough to get a photo with him. It’s weird to think that I will actually be attending this one as an exhibitor.



Today has been a pretty busy day. I’ve packed up all of my stock, ordered some new prints that I will be picking up from Staples on the way through to the city tomorrow and (most importantly) made some Rocky Road for my cousin who I will be staying with all weekend (it used to be her favourite when I lived with her). You can expect a full run down of the event when I get back on Sunday night/Monday morning, but until then it is very likely that I will be offline. Cons aren’t the best place for keeping your phone alive! Especially when I will most likely (/hopefully) be using it for reference.

I am looking forward to changing my table layout in a few cons time ready for the launch of the Cirque Du Mort Kickstarter. My current set up is getting a little tired and it will be nice to make things a bit more cohesive with my new product. I have already gathered some of the much needed displays and will soon be posting step by steps on how I re-purpose some of the cool Victorian/Carnival stuff I have found at car boot sales/charity shops for display purposes.

I hope to see a few of your lovely faces at LFCC and cannot wait to get going in the morning. But for now, here is my favourite song to listen to while I am prepping for cons by the awesome Kirby Krackle.