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Can Now Reveal Kerrang! Komic

by Anastasia Catris in Artwork Comments: 2 tags: Kerrang, WIP

Well, I hope you all got the chance to purchase the Kerrang! Komic while it was still available in shops. If not, I can now actually upload the comic that I contributed so you can see it here. I thought I would also show you the process I went through from sketch work to final product for anyone interested.

Step One – Roughs

Dave Grohl Rough

After I was sent the finalized script for the comic, I got to work straight away on the thumbnails and an eventual rough. I think I had about 5 thumbnails altogether trying to figure out the spacing and sizing of the panels. I hadn’t worked with such a tight frame work before as I am used to larger full page spreads, so this was a really good exercise for me. I actually looked through a load of old strips of Ray Zell’s Pandora to get a feel for the sizing and possible panel structure. Above is the finalized rough that I sent off to the editor for approval.

Step Two – Pencils & Inks

Kerrang progress

It took a little time for my approval to come through as the editor was obviously very busy putting the actual issue of Kerrang! together, so when it came through I had to move quite quickly. I wanted to get the finl piece through to him in plenty of time in case their were any big changes that needed to be made. He only made a few notes on the rough. One was that he decided to change the script to be a little more implicative of swearing rather than actually swearing, so we changed the dialogue in the final panel. He also wanted to zoom in on Dave Grohl in panels 4 and 5. I made these changes and went straight to inks. The rest of the process was all done without any more editorial notes as he seemed very happy with the way things were going.

Step 3 – Lettering 

Kerrang progress

I moved the cleaned up inks from Photoshop to Illustrator and digitally lettered the script. The good thing about doing this before colouring is you can add some nice colours/effects to the bubbles later on in the process. As this was quite a simple comic and had a lot lettering, I decided to add some colour to the bubbles/boxes just to make it a little more interesting.

Step 4 – Basic Colours

Kerrang progress

I then went in to basic colours. With a more intricate piece I would probably flat out all of the colours, but as this was the same figure in each panel with little detail (due to the size of the comic at reproduction size), not many colours were actually needed. Once I had the basic foreground tones sorted out I went in and added the background, detailing, light and shadow.

Final Piece

Kerrang Final Artwork

The final piece was then saved in a variety of ways (TIFFs, JPGs, CMYK & RGB) etc… and sent off to the editorial staff. This is simply to ensure that they have different file types in case they wanted it for internet use, or wanted to edit it in some way. I’m happy to say they were very happy with the final product and no changes were made to it.

Cover photo is © Kerrang! Magazine 2014

Kerrang Magazine Release

by Anastasia Catris in Announcement Comments: 2 tags: Announcement, Comic, Kerrang

If you guys follow my Facebook page or Twitter account you may have heard mutterings of a super secret project of awesome. Well, guess what? It’s here!

I was lucky enough to be selected as an artist in the Kerrang! Komic. I was commissioned by Kerrang to draw a 5 panel comic featuring Dave Grohl (If you want to know more, you’ll just have to go out and buy the magazine!)

This is actually an extremely proud moment for me for lots of reasons. For one, I used to LOVE reading Kerrang! Magazine. When I was a teenager I would regularly take copies of it into school to read in free periods, or for its free CD compilations. I remember listening to Muse and Queens of the Stoneage for the first time because of K! I booked most of my first gigs because of the ads in the back of K!, including my first gig to see Slipknot when I was 13 years old!

Secondly, this is my first big commission by a magazine as a comic artist. I have worked on books and private commissions in the past, but this is an international magazine that will make its way into stores all over the world and through the post boxes of folks who subscribe to it. So it’s a pretty big deal.

Finally, it’s kind of a nice piece of poetic justice for me personally. I went to a pretty strict Catholic school when I was a teenager and was always a very good kid in class. But, I remember clearly having my Kerrang! Mag confiscated from me in free period once. It had Slipknot on the cover and the teacher asked to see me after class because she was worried about its content. Something about ‘morally questionable’ and ‘Satanic’ or something… I know right! Anyway. I’m kind of hoping now that, somewhere, out there in the big bad world, some kid is reading my comic in school. The comic drawn by a girl who had that same magazine taken away from her because it worried her teacher about her future. The magazine I am now proud to say I have worked for!

Cover photo is © Kerrang! Magazine 2014