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Valentine’s Cards Now on Sale

by Anastasia Catris in Artwork Comments: 2 tags: art, cirque du mort, Greeting Card

Valentine’s Cards Now on Saleil_570xN.725106323_3b8k

You can now order Cirque Du Mort themed greetings cards with the above design, themed around two of my favourite characters, Seam (the costume master) and Ragdoll (the trapeze artist).

Why not order something a little different for your loved one this Valentine’s Day?

The cards measure¬†5.5″ x 4.25″ and come with a plain white envelope included. Cards are left blank for your own personal message and as such can be used for events other than Valentine’s Day, from birthdays to anniversaries, to just sweet thank yous.

This detailed greetings card depicts an anatomical human heart which has been patched back together using scraps of material, a sewing needle and thread. It is adorned with a scroll stating the words ‘Made For You’ and an orange Monarch butterfly with a circus/carnival style backdrop.

Whilst this is a piece of ‘Cirque Du Mort’ merchandise, it is also ideal for those interested in tattoo imagery, Gothic style, circus style, sewing and crafts and horror, while also being a romantic card.

(Please be aware that items are shipped from the UK so those of you overseas may not receive them in time for Feb 14th, but they would still make lovely Anniversary, Birthday, Engagement cards or just a nice little note card).

Find the cards on my Etsy store here.

Cirque Du Mort and all of its characters are © Anastasia Catris 2014 onwards.