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Taking Stock

by Anastasia Catris in Personal Comments: 2 tags: art, etsy, society6

Every year around Christmas time I try to have a clear out of the house before the decorations go up. Almost like a Spring Clean, but… well, colder. I throw out any cosmetics and medicine that might have gone off; donate any cans and dried food that may have otherwise gathered dust to food drives; and find clothes that I may no longer be able to squeeze into but have been living in denial by having them in my wardrobe for a year and donate them to charity.

This year, however, the biggest clean out has been my office (and the longest considering I am still working in it every day, so it has been a very slow process). Looking back over 2014, I have managed to attend 21 conventions as an exhibitor! And, in that time I have had to restock my stall on an almost weekly basis, gather together commissions and constantly add to my pile of stationery, pens and paper. The office at the end of this con year was, as you can imagine, a bit of a state!

So, today was the final day of my slow clean out and I am happy to report that my Etsy stock is finally up-to-date with the correct numbers of items (so I won’t sell out of the wrong things, or oversell stock I don’t have). A lot of these prints are on a ‘once they are gone, they’re gone’ basis as I will be overhauling my stock something crazy next year with brand new work in the pipeline (which I am VERY excited about).

Cirque Du Mort itself will bring a whole host of new stock, prints sketch cards and even the exciting addition of postcards, stickers and buttons(!), but on top of that I will also finally be retiring a number of my prints which either don’t get as much love as the others or simply are getting on a bit and don’t reflect my style of drawing anymore. So, if you would still like to grab some of my more classic convention prints – this could be your last chance.

I will be running a sale on my Etsy store from now until 12/12/2014 for 20% off orders of £10+ So, simply use the code ‘COOLYULE’ to qualify for the discount. You can find my store at THIS LINK.

This will include my very popular mystery envelopes which each contain 2 art prints, 1 piece of original art and one ACEO/Sketchcard (either a print or an original). These are very limited so grab one while you can. I will also be making a limited run of these after Christmas for a New Year sale, but they will have different items inside, so be sure to grab this deal now if you want a little mystery.

Wednesday Wish List – Penny Dreadful

Wednesday Wish List – Penny Dreadful

Since setting up my new Sky+ Box I have been gorging on box sets by the dozen. I have a habit of having TV on in the background when I’m drawing and a lot of the time the different shows inspire me. Lucky for me, as I am currently working on my own little series of ‘Penny Dreadfuls’, Showtime has just started playing their new series of the same name on Sky Atlantic. If you haven’t seen it yet and you are a fan of horror, literature or just good old fashioned gore, then I urge you to check this out. The literary allusions and homages are brilliantly done (anyone notice The Phantom of the Opera cameo in episode 3? Genius!) and very fun. The costumes and set are beautiful and so far I am finding the story very intriguing.

So I decided to go along the Gothic horror/Victorian theme this week with my own Penny Dreadful themed Wednesday Wish list.

 Lace Up Print Tattoo Socks

I wear a lot of leggings and tights so these are a must have for me. The great thing about the foot being bare is that they would be brilliant to wear with calf length boots, high heels or even low top sneakers. Personally I would love to wear these with my New Rock Boots. Unfortunately the Etsy Shop selling these gorgeous tights is currently Sold Out of this particular style, but I guess that’s the fun of a Wish List. They also have some beautiful artsy ‘socks’ which include flamingos and deer.

Maxi Dress by Religion in Top Shop £55

It’s always nice to find dark dresses that are suitable for the impending Summer climate. I love the grunginess of the bleached material and the fading text on this dress and the ‘mullet’ design of the skirt means that it can be dressed up or down quite easily with your foot/leg wear. The literary reference in the text on the dress is always welcome and I would have loved to have had a dress like this to wear to lectures when I was studying Milton! This would be perfect to throw on in the morning at a rock festival or for a gig (or lecture!) and looks incredibly comfy.

Barefoot Sandals Ankle Corsets £45.92

I have seen these ‘Ankle Corsets’ around a lot lately, most recently on an episode of Throne-Cast and I have to say I’ve fallen in love with them. I don’t personally wear heels, and a lot of the flats I own for formal events are pretty boring, so this would be a lovely way to goth them up with no real modding effort. They can also be used a ‘barefoot sandals’ or with flip flops and instantly add a little element of lace Victoriana to your Summer footwear.

Maleficent Lip Stick by Mac $16.50

A few years ago I invested in a tube of Maleficent’s Dark Deed from the Limited Edition Venomous Villains Collection by Mac, while I was strolling through duty free. I ended up using it primarily for pantomime as it was (obviously) a perfect villain lipstick for my Evil Queen in Snow White. It also happened to be one of the best lipsticks I have ever used! It was long lasting, moisturising and even tasted lovely, so even though I am not a huge make up wearer I knew when they brought out the new Mac Maleficent range, I would have to get something from it! I have been hankering after a nice deep red for a while as, being quite a pale person, it seemed only appropriate, so here’s hoping this will make it’s way into my very sparse make up bag sometime soon.

Jawbreaker Ouija Leggings from Blue Banana £19.99

Blue Banana have recently brought out a small range of Ouija themed clothing including a shirt dress and vest top, but these seemed to be the most flattering for me. Being a Pagan I am pretty anti dabbling with spirit boards, don’t get me wrong, but these are pretty well suited to the Penny Dreadful theme considering Eva Green’s character; plus the style of spirit boards are actually quite cool. As long as no one uses my legs for summoning spirits from the Great Beyond, I’m fine with it.

Frankenstein Literary Scarf £19.59

“My heart was fashioned to be susceptible of love and sympathy, and when wrenched by misery to vice and hatred, it did not endure the violence of the change without torture such as you cannot imagine.” –Frankenstein’s Monster.

Oh how I wish I had this scarf back when I was in University. The person who makes these lovely scarves also makes Wuthering Heights and other famous literary pieces. I love the fact that the scarf is designed so that the words will fall in a readable fashion across the chest. Considering the inclusion of Victor Frankenstein in ‘Penny Dreadful’ I thought this would be quite a nice addition to the list.

The final Gothic addition to my Wednesday Wish List is this gorgeous piece of London Plague soap. A little bit out of time with the events of the show, but I thought it would be a nice nod to Billie Piper’s character. I found this shop when I was looking through A Star Fell On Her’s Freaky Fashion Post a while back, and I loved some of their horror themed soaps. This soap is 100% vegan and contains Avocado oil, Camelia oil (green tea) coconut oil, olive oil among other things and is scented with pure lavender essential oil. So, it sounds like it smells pretty gorgeous. They also do some very cool jewelry including this Tell Tale Heart Choker Pendant.

Well, that’s all for this week’s Wednesday Wish List. I hope you liked my little horror theme and saw a few things you might like. How many of you have been watching Penny Dreadful? What do you think? I would say next to American Horror Story this is one of my new favourite TV shows and I can’t wait to see where it goes next. 

Wednesday Wish List – Etsy Highlights

Wednesday Wish List – Etsy Special

Well, at the moment I can safely say that the top of my wish list is for my internet to be working again! My phone line and broadband have both been down now for 14 days because of a ‘common’ fault all the way in Chatham of all places! So, I am currently writing my Wednesday Wish List from the lovely home of my partner while I leech internet from him for the umpteenth time this week (Thank you mister!) If you guys have been following my Facebook Page you may have noticed that last week marked my first week as an Etsy seller! That’s right, I have finally taken the plunge into the wonderful world of Etsy and so far I am loving it. (You can check out my online store here if you like) So, I thought I would ring in the occasion with an Etsy themed Wednesday Wish List. So, here are a few of the fun things I have found so far while introducing myself to the site.

Totoro & Pangur Bán Cat (Studio Ghibli / Miyazaki x Secret of Kells Crossover) Art Nouveau 10×20 Poster – £7.97

Starting off with a piece of beautiful art (which is the primary reason I love Etsy) depicting one of my favourite little characters, Totoro. I love how illustrative this is and the watercolour look. I would personally love to have a copy of this up on my wall. And at only £7.97 for a poster print, this is a steal for any Miyazaki fan.

Snails Shell Candles Handmade Eco-friendly Reusable Candles – Choose Your Scent – Set of 6 – £6.13

I have been finding a lot of snail shells around this year, and while this might make me sorta sad (poor little guys), this is a beautiful and unique way to preserve them. I’m also a bit of a pyromaniac so I love covering my house in candles (one of the great things about being a Pagan – SO many candles in the house). These would be perfect for an Earthen altar set up or just a pretty alternative to tea-lights.

Plum Octo Hair Clip – £2.85

There are a whole bunch of these designs from the same seller in varying colours, but I probably like the plum colour best (if anything it would go well with neon blue). I love the shapes and design of octopus art. Ever since working on Viceroy’s ‘The Deep’ set and drawing different forms of octopii, I have loved the style and intricacy of tentacles. They lend themselves really well to art nouveau, which may be another reason I love them.

Octopus Pendant – Green Pink and Blue Pastel Striped Glass – £22.06

Sticking with the Octopus theme, I found this sweet little pendant which would also act well as a small statue or figurine. The colours in the glass are gorgeous and I love his cute little face. not sure if I would wear it as a pendant myself or would prefer to display it, but the good thing about it being glass is I would be able to wear it if I wanted to (Remember my weird aversion to metal? Yeah – works with jewelry too)

Gothic Tote Bag (with Plain Lining) – Michael Miller Fabric – Handmade for You – £36.99

Ending on a gloriously Gothic note; I LOVE the fabric design of this tote bag. I wish I was still and English Literature student because I would blatantly use this bag to carry my gothic horror novels or Poe anthology! That being said, it is still the perfect bag for Hallowe’en or when I am just in a bit of a Wednesday Addams kind of mood.

Well, that’s it for my first dive into the wonderful world of Etsy. No doubt I will be able to create all sorts of themes from products on this site alone, but next week I will be preparing for my first LAN of the year so expect a video game oriented post. In the mean time, why not check out my own Etsy Store and see if anything there is to your liking and I will speak to you all soon.