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MCM Ireland Roundup

by Anastasia Catris in Convention Comments: 0 tags: Convention, Dublin, Ireland, Ireland MCM

MCM Ireland Roundup

Well, I have just returned from my first international convention and it was amazing. I have been a professional guest at overseas cons before, like NYCC, but I have never actually exhibited as an artist so this was a pretty big step for me. I decided from the outset that I was going to travel by plane (despite the ferry being a much easier choice) as this meant I would get the much needed practice of collecting all of my con-gear into one suitcase (and under 20kg at that!)

I actually managed to get all of my stock and display items in my suitcase with no real trouble, hitting in at 19kg at the airport. I actually took a little bit more stock than I needed as I wanted to test how I would do at a larger 3 day con like New York, so I was pretty happy that I managed to go under target. The flight was nice and simple, only one hour up and down! Before you knew it I was in Dublin and it was absolutely beautiful!

I have been to Ireland a couple of times in the past, Dublin twice and Ulster once, so it wasn’t too much of a shock, but as I was selling there for the first time, the Euro was probably my biggest challenge. Lucky for me the Bureau De Change managed to swap me a whole bunch of change as soon as I landed, so I managed to sort out my float for the weekend (That was honestly a huge worry for me!)

I made my way to the hotel first and dropped off all of my stuff then headed straight to the RDS where I got to work on setting up my table. I didn’t have my usual set up of metal grid shelves as they would have been far too heavy to take, so I settled for a flat table display with a few acrylic stands for artwork.

Dublin Set Up

All in all I was pretty happy with how it looked, though I would like to get a banner stand or something to add height for the next overseas con as I felt a little lost among the sea of tables. Sadly my tiered stand managed to get damaged on the first day as there were no tables on the end of the artist rows separating us from the crowds, so our tables got knocked about quite a bit.

I managed to meet some lovely artists and was lucky to be sat right next to Bearlands – a very cool independent comic, the creators of which I have met a couple of times at various cons. If you like Care Bears and the Walking Dead (!) then this is the comic for you. I also got to hang out with the awesome Steve from Beyond The Bunker who I met for the first time at London Super Con. If you haven’t checked out his brilliant comic, Moon, then you definitely should.

I wish I had got to know my other neighbors a little better, but I suppose that is the problem with attending a con on your own. Splitting Borders who were sat just behind me, were a lovely couple of people and their comic is absolutely gorgeous. Anthea West, who was also sat behind me had a gorgeous mixture of fan art and unique art work. Definitely worth checking out. I also had the pleasure of meeting  Gavin McCumiskey, the writer behind Innocent Tales and Lady Jekyll, whose artwork (and hair) I absolutely fell in love with!

Also, in BIG NEWS! Lyndie Greenwood from Sleepy Hollow actually stopped by my stall to say hi. She remembered me from Birmingham MCM and was kind enough to buy one of my original pieces of fan art; a duo-shade ‘Alien’ piece I did a few years ago that I have always been pretty proud of. Apparently she is a big fan of the Alien franchise, so I threw in an Alien sketch card as well.

I’d love to go back next year and I thought MCM did a brilliant job with their first overseas conventions. The people at the RDS were very friendly and came to check up on the artists on both days, which was a nice touch. Gary, who cared for the Comic Village, was also a frequent visitor checking up on all of us and getting feedback. Looking forward to visiting Belfast in June for the Northern Ireland MCM.

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