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12 Doctors Project Raises £500 for the National Autistic Society

The 12 Doctors Project Raises £500 for the National Autistic Society

I am really proud to announce that The 12 Doctors of Christmas has just broken the £500 barrier! This is a pretty big achievement considering that donation to this project was always completely optional. Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated to The National Autistic Society and downloaded our work, it is nice to know that it is going towards helping those in need.

Remember, even though Christmas has come and gone, this book is here to stay and with the introduction of the 12th Doctor in 2014, it may even have some revisions and additions over the year. So please keep following for more information as and when it happens. It may make a brilliant present for the Whovian in your life next Christmas. Here is the link to the book if you would like to support the project and the wonderful charity it is associated with.

Cover photo is © Cygnus Alpha ’12 Doctors of Christmas’

12 Doctors of Christmas Story Released

12 Doctors of Christmas Story Released

For those of you who follow my Facebook page, you may have seen small snippets of statuses and even teasers of artwork hinting at a big project in the works… well here it is!

I can now reveal that I have been working alongside Cygnus Alpha, the Doctor Who Fanzine, on their latest release – The 12 Doctors of Christmas. I was assigned the 10th Doctor (That’s David Tennant for all of you non-Whovians out there) and got to work with a good friend of mine from the world of conventioneering, Simon Brett.

Simon’s story, The Stocking Killers, was a brilliant one to illustrate as it had a wealth of fun imagery to play with. I won’t give too much away as I think you all need to see it to appreciate it! The story is actually FREE to download, as well as the other 11 stories. Each of them written and illustrated by some of the best fan writers and artists in the UK.

An optional donation may be given to charity (The National Autistic Society) upon downloading the story should you wish and although this is encouraged, it is not necessary. This is a non-profit project made by fans for fans so we hope that you enjoy it.

You can find the story and illustration, as well as links to the other stories, here. Please let me know what you think of it below. The illustration is also available to view in my gallery.

Cover photo is © Anastasia Catris and Cygnus Alpha Magazine