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Beyond Stoker’s Dracula Cards Released

Beyond Stoker’s Dracula Cards Released!

Well, I can finally reveal my contributions to the Cult-Stuff Beyond Stoker’s Dracula set! Cards have been released today and are available to buy from the Cult-Stuff website. If you are a collector and have managed to pick up one of my pieces, please let me know. This was my first official sketch card set so it would be lovely to meet some of the fine folk who have managed to draw my cards in their deck breaks.

I thought I would take this chance to share with you some of my pieces from this deck. The idea behind the set was to draw from the inspiration that Bram Stoker gave us, i.e. vampire myths and legends that have come about since Dracula. Here are some of my favorite cards that I drew. If you would like to see all 30 cards that I contributed to the set, please check out my Portfolio entry.

Cover photo is © Anastasia Catris

Beyond Stoker’s Dracula Announcement

I am proud to announce that I have been accepted onto my first ever sketch card set, ‘Beyond Stoker’s Dracula‘ by Cult-Stuff Cards!


For those of you who don’t know, a sketch card or ACEO (Art Card Editions and Originals) or even ATC (Art Trading Card) is a small piece of original artwork measuring 2.5” by 3.5”. It’s an awesome way for collectors to purchase original art for a reasonable price.

I started drawing sketch cards for conventions in 2012, premiering my work at CICAE (Cardiff International Comic and Animation Expo). My cards have definitely evolved since my first few commissions. Originally they were simple pinups drawn on basic Bristol stock with felt tip pens! Since I received a pack of Copic Markers as a gift, however, my cards have gone from strength to strength.

Sketch Cards have fast become one of my best selling convention items and, thanks to useful websites like Sketch Card Fanatics, my most requested online commission too. I’m slowly getting to know the online sketch card community and am hoping to get on a few more sets in the future. But, until then, I am really looking forward to working with Liza and Jason from Cult-Stuff on this set.

Keep posted by following this blog for more information on the set as I hear more from Cult Stuff. To learn more about this company, feel free to visit their site Cult-Stuff Cards or their Facebook group here.

Cover photo is © Cult Stuff Cards