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Birthday Book Promotion Weekend

As some of you may know, it is my birthday on the 17th July and, to celebrate, I am giving YOU presents! From the 16th – 19th July Cirque Du Mort will be available for FREE on your Amazon Kindle! If you would like to add this to your Facebook schedule, why not join the Facebook Event here.

This FREE GIVEAWAY is running alongside my book promotion weekend, where I am basically asking all of my awesome friends, family and everyone in between to help me promote the Cirque Du Mort to a wider audience. I am also running a BLOG COMPETITION too! This competition includes very simple terms such as following my Facebook group, or tweeting a message and of course – downloading the book. You can find the competition at the bottom of this post.

But I don’t have an Amazon Kindle? 

Not a problem! You can download an Amazon Kindle Ap for FREE for most phones and mobile devices using your phone’s ap store. You can also download the ap for your computer, making it easy to read Kindle titles on your PC. If you don’t have an ap (or don’t want one) but still want to support the Cirque Du Mort, then you can still ‘purchase’ the free book over the weekend and not download it. This will make your review a ‘Verified Purchase’ and more respectable on the Amazon site.

How can I help promote the book?

There are many ways you can help me promote the Cirque Du Mort, either over this weekend or any time!

  • Download the Amazon Kindle Book of Cirque Du Mort
  • Leave a review for the Amazon Kindle Book of Cirque Du Mort
  • Tweet about Cirque Du Mort using the hash tag #CirqueDuMort
  • Instagram photos of your copies of the Cirque Du Mort or you reading it #CirqueDuMort
  • Review the Cirque Du Mort on Goodreads
  • Share the Facebook event with your friends list (either by inviting them or sharing it as a status)
  • Invite your friends to ‘like’ the Cirque Du Mort Facebook Page
  • Don’t want FREE things? Then why not BUY a physical copy of the book from Etsy or Amazon?
  • Write a blog post about Cirque Du Mort. Reviews, previews or just general opinions are always welcome!
  • Most importantly – TELL YOUR FRIENDS! This is just a great event to help promote indie art and authors and the more people who know about the book, the more people will want to see a second volume!

Blog Competition

And, if you still needed an excuse to help out by doing some of those wonderful things, then check out this Rafflecopter Giveaway!

I am giving away a Cirque Du Mort Goodie Bag to one lucky book promoter! The goodie bag contains a signed copy of the Cirque Du Mort as well as art prints, postcards, stickers, bookmarks and pin badges (some previously only available to Kickstarter backers!) All you have to do is follow the directions below and every bit of promotion you help with from tweeting to liking, will count as an entry into the raffle! Those who download the book, leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads can count as up to 15 entries!


So get entering and good luck! And, of course – THANK YOU for all of your amazing support!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

London Comic Con Prep

Radio silence will possibly ensue over the next few days as I am leaving early tomorrow to head to London for London Film and Comic Con, my first convention back on the circuit after my month off. This is the first time I have appeared at LFCC and I am extremely excited. LFCC was actually my first convention as an attendee when I was in my first year of University in London. I met the wonderful Richard Briers and we discussed Shakespeare together. I even met Elijah Wood (my childhood crush) and was lucky enough to get a photo with him. It’s weird to think that I will actually be attending this one as an exhibitor.



Today has been a pretty busy day. I’ve packed up all of my stock, ordered some new prints that I will be picking up from Staples on the way through to the city tomorrow and (most importantly) made some Rocky Road for my cousin who I will be staying with all weekend (it used to be her favourite when I lived with her). You can expect a full run down of the event when I get back on Sunday night/Monday morning, but until then it is very likely that I will be offline. Cons aren’t the best place for keeping your phone alive! Especially when I will most likely (/hopefully) be using it for reference.

I am looking forward to changing my table layout in a few cons time ready for the launch of the Cirque Du Mort Kickstarter. My current set up is getting a little tired and it will be nice to make things a bit more cohesive with my new product. I have already gathered some of the much needed displays and will soon be posting step by steps on how I re-purpose some of the cool Victorian/Carnival stuff I have found at car boot sales/charity shops for display purposes.

I hope to see a few of your lovely faces at LFCC and cannot wait to get going in the morning. But for now, here is my favourite song to listen to while I am prepping for cons by the awesome Kirby Krackle.

Call For Journalists and Bloggers!

Shout out to all horror, arts, comic and literature bloggers and journalists!

Those of you who follow my Twitter or Facebook accounts will know that I am slowly counting down the days (between catching up on commissions and preparing for Convention season to start back up) to my very own Kickstarter project. You can read more about the project itself here if you’d like.

Cirque Du Mort will be a small collection of horror short stories, focusing around a haunted circus full of tragic, comic, vengeful and even sadistic characters. If you are a fan of The Addams Family, Penny Dreadful, American Horror Story or Carnivale, then this illustrated book will be right up your street. I also intend for the project to have a strong body positive message inspired by the different body types seen in a stereotypical historical circus or sideshow.

As some of you may already know, Kickstarter projects aren’t easy and require a lot of prior research, press contacts and networking, which is why I’m making this post as a shout out for any bloggers who might be interested in helping the project out in its early stages. This could be anything from interviews, guest blogs, articles or even just re-tweeting or re-blogging. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to see more about the project, including some of the teaser images, please see the original post. If you would like to get in touch you can do so at

Secret Creator-Owned Project Revealed

Secret Creator-owned Project Finally Revealed!

I have been teasing you with this for a while now. Those of you who follow my Facebook page may have heard rumblings of a super secret personal project in the works and a while ago I said that I would tell you more as soon as my Facebook page reached 666 likes (surely that was a bit of a hint)

Well, my Facebook page reached its goal over the weekend and as promised, here is the reveal for my new creator-owned project. In a few months I will be launching a Kickstarter Project for my first Creator-Owned Illustrated Book, The Cirque Du Mort.


The book will be a variety of short stories based around a ghostly circus of tragic performers. Each of the characters will have their own unique back story and reason for haunting the big top of the Cirque Du Mort. These stories will be accompanied by illustrations, pin ups and playbills.

I have already begun character design and written most of the script and, I have to say, I’m pretty happy with how it is looking so far. One of the things I really wanted to achieve with this piece was to create a whole host of unique and diverse characters from a range of backgrounds and just see where they take me with their own stories.


Some are tragic, others amusing, some just plain disturbing; but all brought under the stage lights together in a fun compilation of art and storytelling.

This book will be perfect for you if you were (like me) a bit of a Wednesday Addams growing up. Ideal for lovers of Living Dead Dolls, burlesque, steampunk, or Carnivale. Characters so far range from the conjoined Opera singers, Mallory and Felicity, who you have already met on Facebook; and Antoinette, the decapitated magician.


I will be updating you regularly from now on via my Facebook Group in regards to characters and works in progress. All of this will lead up to a Kickstarter Project which I hope all of you will be excited to take part in. I already have a whole bunch of prizes and perks in mind and I am really hyped to get started.

Are there any types of character you would like to see in the Cirque Du Mort? Why not leave a comment below.

Kerrang Magazine Release

by Anastasia Catris in Announcement Comments: 2 tags: Announcement, Comic, Kerrang

If you guys follow my Facebook page or Twitter account you may have heard mutterings of a super secret project of awesome. Well, guess what? It’s here!

I was lucky enough to be selected as an artist in the Kerrang! Komic. I was commissioned by Kerrang to draw a 5 panel comic featuring Dave Grohl (If you want to know more, you’ll just have to go out and buy the magazine!)

This is actually an extremely proud moment for me for lots of reasons. For one, I used to LOVE reading Kerrang! Magazine. When I was a teenager I would regularly take copies of it into school to read in free periods, or for its free CD compilations. I remember listening to Muse and Queens of the Stoneage for the first time because of K! I booked most of my first gigs because of the ads in the back of K!, including my first gig to see Slipknot when I was 13 years old!

Secondly, this is my first big commission by a magazine as a comic artist. I have worked on books and private commissions in the past, but this is an international magazine that will make its way into stores all over the world and through the post boxes of folks who subscribe to it. So it’s a pretty big deal.

Finally, it’s kind of a nice piece of poetic justice for me personally. I went to a pretty strict Catholic school when I was a teenager and was always a very good kid in class. But, I remember clearly having my Kerrang! Mag confiscated from me in free period once. It had Slipknot on the cover and the teacher asked to see me after class because she was worried about its content. Something about ‘morally questionable’ and ‘Satanic’ or something… I know right! Anyway. I’m kind of hoping now that, somewhere, out there in the big bad world, some kid is reading my comic in school. The comic drawn by a girl who had that same magazine taken away from her because it worried her teacher about her future. The magazine I am now proud to say I have worked for!

Cover photo is © Kerrang! Magazine 2014