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Merry Colourful Christmas

Merry Colourful Christmas

Before I go silent night over the Christmas holidays, here is a FREE printable colouring page just in time for the festive celebrations! I have uploaded this JPG in very high resolution so should hopefully create a nicely detailed print. Simply click on the image below to be take to the attachment page then drag onto your desktop or right click and ‘Save Image As’.

Please be sure to wait for your ink to dry before colouring. Whether or not the pens bleed depends on the ink you use in your printer. I would also recommend waiting an hour after printing before colouring to avoid possible smudging, or printing a test page first if you are using pens rather than pencils.

This image is NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE. You are downloading the page on the proviso that it is for personal use only.

©Anastasia Catris 2015. All copyright and reproduction rights are retained by the artist.

I would love to see some of your coloured versions on Instagram (@AnastasiaCatris) or Twitter (@ACatris). You can also use the #ColourMeMindful though this is not an official Colour Me Mindful product.

Christmas Gift

Blogmas 2014

by Anastasia Catris in Personal Comments: 0 tags: blogmas, christmas


A LOT has happened in the last month since I spoke to you all.

  • My Kickstarter project, Cirque Du Mort, was successfully funded on November 1st.
  • The Perna ‘Hallowe’en’ Set was released (along with my 10 contributed cards).
  • The Kickstarter money finally made its way from your kindly pockets to mine about 2 weeks ago, allowing me to concentrate on my book full time (hence why I have been a bit quiet on the ol’ social media).
  • I went to Thought Bubble Sequential Art Fair and Birmingham MCM
  • I sent off my contributions to Monsterwax’s ‘Dinosaur Galaxy’ (just in time for the release of the Jurassic World trailer might I add).
  • I was announced as an exhibitor at the Cardiff Mini Con – my final convention of the year – on December 13th, in Nos Da, Canton.
  • And finally, I signed up to 4 new sketch card sets for the new year! (Including two VERY exciting ones that I can’t wait to tell you about in the future).

So, now that I have finally settled into the routine of drawing my own book (eep!) every day, I thought I would use this new-found structure as an excuse to actually communicate and sort my brain out through the art of blogging (Oh how I’ve missed it). And, it now being ‘Blog-Mas’, I figured this was also as good a reason as any to write.

This will be my first Christmas in 3 years where I actually get to spend Advent at home, getting in the festive spirit through normal things like Christmas shopping, cooking and watching silly films… as opposed to the last few years where I have toured around Wales with the awesome Once Upon a Time Theatre Company getting everyone else in the festive spirit through carols, jokes and generally being a darn evil ‘boo-able’ villain. I am actually really excited to go and see their panto this year rather than actually being in it (though I may get a little jealous).

Christmassy things I am looking forward to:

  • Decorating my house!
  • Getting all sorts of cute, cheesy stocking fillers for my partner.
  • Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland.
  • Watching ‘Muppets Christmas Carol’ – it’s not Christmas without it.
  • Listening to Christmas music a reasonable amount of times per day (as opposed to ALL THE TIME when doing panto – haha).
  • Getting to ‘Boo’ and ‘Hiss’ and shout ‘He’s Behind you!’ rather than having it shouted at me.
  • Going actual Christmas shopping, as opposed to having to order everything off the internet and hoping it arrives in the very small window of time when I am actually home.
  • Not having to drive through the wind, rain and snow. The beauty of drawing is I have everything I need at home.
  • My partner working in a job he LOVES. Retail is a damned hard business over the holidays and I am really glad he is finally working for a company who actually looks after him and makes him happy, especially at this ridiculously stressful time of year.
  • Christmas pudding!!

What are you looking forward to this Christmas? Personally, out of all these awesome things, what I am most looking forward to is sitting down every day to draw something I am passionate about and characters that I have seriously started to love.

I finished my final commissions of 2014 today (3 Perna Studios APs for international customers that I really wanted to get to them before Christmas) and am set to work on my Cirque Du Mort ‘Mermaid’ today. As a sneak preview, why not take a look at some of my inspiration on my Pinterest board?

Working on this book is getting ridiculously exciting and I am so humbled by all of you and your generous contributions towards making it happen. I really can’t wait to get it all finished and sent out to you. I am determined that each backer pledge package will be special and unique and a lovely gift for those of you kind enough to back the Cirque Du Mort. 

But, until then, here is a sweet little Christmas gift for you all – an adorable Christmas Pikachu! Because, well, why not! I still have to warm up my hands every morning – so why not warm them up in a nice festive way! Remember, you can all follow me on Instagram for more daily warm ups and sketches @AnastasiaCatris.




Stock Photo manipulated in header/featured photo is by Missesglass on DeviantArt. Her textures are awesome, you should definitely check her out.