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Cardiff Film & Comic Con Roundup

Another day, another very productive convention. I have to say, I LOVE home town cons! Just the feeling of walking around a hall you have been visiting since you were a tiny child and seeing every gig you have been to in the space which now is filled with Attack on Titan hoodies and Pikachu plushies. There’s something pretty cool about feeling at home in the otherwise stressful and difficult situation of selling your work.

Showmasters have once again put on a very organized and fruitful convention with some brilliant guests (John Rhys Davies for one!) and attractions, including the Iron Throne and 1960s Batmobile.  I was also lucky enough to meet Lee Merriwether, Cat Woman from the 1960s Batman!

Now, the Adam West film was actually my first introduction to Batman when I was about 3 years old. My dad had an old VHS and I still remember watching it on repeat with my little brother, laughing over Shark Repellant and the problems of disposing of a bomb on a busy pier! So meeting Cat Woman (who I can still remember lines from in my head) was a pretty big moment for me.

Cat Woman

I actually drew a sketch card specifically of her representation of Cat Woman as a gift and she liked it so much that she gave me an autographed photo as a trade. Herself and her daughter were both very encouraging of my work and I really hope to see them around the convention circuit again one day.

As the end of the weekend came, the kind staff of Showmasters popped round and I managed to book myself in for the next convention in November. So I am happy to announce that I will be returning to CCFC on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th November 2014. This is a perfectly placed con for those of you looking for Christmas commissions or gifts for the geek in your life (yes, I am thinking that far ahead).

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