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Loving my Locks

by Anastasia Catris in Personal Comments: 9 tags: blue hair, Dreadlocks, lifestyle, self love

The last time I shared updates regarding my choice to style my hair into locks was back in April having had them crocheted by the very talented¬†Rosielocks,¬†a loctician’ based in Bristol in February. This was the last picture I shared with you…



These were my locks after having been freshly dyed and crocheted. How cute were they! Well, that was 6 months ago now and they have since began to mature beautifully. The bottom ones thickened and tightened very quickly, probably because they saw the most friction being closest to my neck. The top ones took a little longer and some are still finding their feet as my hair used to be layered, so the top ones were much thinner.

For my birthday, I decided I really wanted to add some length (as of July they were reaching my shoulders and at that annoying ‘in-between’ stage where they weren’t quite short and weren’t quite long), so went back to Rosielocks and asked her if she would make me some real hair extensions. I provided the hair (dyed blue of course) and she set to work. Here is my hair before I went back for my extensions and a little bit of (much needed) maintenance…



As you can see the locks had started to tighten and produce some nice loops and kinks due to the hair shrinking up (excuse the roots!). The whole process of adding in the extensions took about 4 hours, which flew by as Rosielocks is a lovely host and we had some good chats and played with her cats while plodding along. The locks weren’t noticeably heavier straight away, but added such wonderful volume to the whole style I was very happy. I waited about a week before I actually dyed my whole head again to give them a chance to settle down and here is the final result…


One of the first things I did as soon as I had the length was start playing around with different styles. I haven’t had long hair since I was 21, so it was so nice to be able to play with it again (with the added bonus of finally having my dream hairstyle). I think one of the best things about long locks for me personally, is the fact you don’t need any accessories or hair ties to play around with them, you can pretty much just knot them into place (an added bonus when you need to quickly get your hair out of your face when you are drawing!)








The gorgeous beads you can see in some of these photos are from The Dread Bead Shop on Etsy and the lovely lady who runs it is probably the best for customer service that you are going to find. Her beads are all polymer clay and highly detailed. The clay is nice and light so it doesn’t weight locks down and the holes are generous so you can always find a bead that will suit your hair. Here are a couple of closer shots of the beads themselves. I love how they compliment the colour of my hair…







The gorgeous purple bead on the far left in the above photo was actually a birthday gift from my good friend Lisa (AStarFellOnHer) and by far one of my favourite beads. It was the first bead that anyone had ever got me as a gift and I love it.

The wonderful thing about this new hairstyle is that it has already given me so much more confidence in myself. I love having blue hair and have now had it for six years, but growing up I always wanted long blue hair. When my hair was straight I would always get to the shoulder length stage and end up chopping it all off through frustration but now, thanks to these extensions, I have gone straight into my dream length. I have finally got the hair that I have always wanted and I couldn’t be happier about it.