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Birmingham MCM Roundup

by Anastasia Catris in Convention Comments: 0 tags: Birmingham MCM, Convention, MCM

Birmingham MCM Roundup

I am not going to lie, this was a pretty slow convention for me. This year is very much a learning curve and I am trying my best to go to as many conventions in the UK and Ireland as possible to test out which ones work for me and the logistics of travel/accomodation/stock etc… So, Birmingham was a good learning experience.

I haven’t been to a convention up in Birmingham since it was held in the Think Tank Museum, so this was new territory for me. But I knew that this was a big one. For one, it was being held in the NEC! As Birmingham is only 2 hours drive away from where I live, I decided to travel up on the day of the con, which was a mistake in itself as I arrived dead on entry time and couldn’t even find the organizer’s booth as all of the security were sending me in different directions. Due to me having been on holiday when the bookings went live back in January, I missed out on a table in the Artists’ Alley and ended up having to shell out more than double the price to get a retail table instead. This turned out to be another mistake as I didn’t realize how heavily memorabilia oriented this particular MCM was and consequently was in between two very large stands at the end of a very busy row full of merch – masking my small art table considerably.

On the plus side, I got to get away from my table for a few moments on the Sunday to meet the cast of Sleepy Hollow – one of my favourite TV shows at the moment. Nicole Beharie (Abbie Mills), Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills) and Katia Winter (Katrina Crane) were all extremely sweet and even gave me hugs. I managed to get a photo with Lyndie and Katia, but sadly Nicole was stuck behind a desk (but she gave a me a hug anyway 😛 ). I managed to do a little bit of fan art to give to them all as a gift and they all seemed to really like it and were very encouraging of my work, which is always nice.

Sleepy Hollow 1

Sleepy Hollow 2

Sleepy Hollow 3

I love the fact that Nicole even noticed that I had used the Book of Revelations as stock in the background of this piece, but I suppose when you spend most of your filming days staring at it as a prop, you would recognize it pretty easily! The ladies were kind enough to sign my copy of the art work, so now I have my very own Special Edition Sleepy Hollow print to remind me of the experience. If you would like to see the original artwork that I took to them, please visit the gallery entry here.

I also managed to meet up with the lovely Liza and Jason from Cult-Stuff Cards, with whom I worked on the Beyond Stoker’s Dracula Sketch Card set. I am hoping to return to the next Birmingham MCM con (which is apparently much more sketch card orientated) with them in November.

So all in all, although the weekend was quite slow, it was still beneficial for catching up on business and networking with Sketch Card companies, so I’m very glad to have gone. Here is hoping that next time I manage to make my way into the Artists’ Alley so I don’t get lost among the dealers.

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