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AniManga POP Roundup

by Anastasia Catris in Convention Comments: 2 tags: AniManga Pop, Convention

AniManga POP! Roundup

I have just got back from my first convention of 2014 and it was fantastic! I am happy to say that it was hosted by Mike Alwood, of CICAE fame and as always offered a brilliant selection of entertainment, cosplay, exhibitors and artists.

AniManga POP! was held in the Holiday Inn Plymouth. The location was nice and easy to find (even though it did require me getting up at 5am but that’s the price you pay) and parking was very usefully located right under the hotel, requiring only a short elevator ride to the hall itself. The staff were, as always, incredibly friendly and accommodating and Mike managed to seat me right in front of the cosplay stage which gave me a great view of the day’s entertainment.

Now, Japanese art and culture aren’t one of Mike’s specialties, however, he managed to create a very fun and lively event with a bit of everything thrown in. The crowd was excitable and, despite the recent flooding (especially near the coast as we were) they came out in droves to dance along with J-Pop, chase each other around with potatoes (Attack on Titan people especially) and generally support local artists.

Probably my favourite performance of the day was Naomi Suzuki, a J-Pop singer and performer who managed to get everyone dancing with her lively routines and catchy songs. It was nice being in the heart of the action as I rarely get to see a lot of the performances at cons, being stuck behind a desk. Though it did often get a little bit much as the crowd tended to gather in front of my stall to see the stage rather than actually look at my art.

After the con was over I started the long drive back to Cardiff and managed to get back at about 8pm. My friends were all at EFragz – a local LAN party – and quite frankly I needed a bit of a drink and a game after that much driving. So, despite having been up since 5am, I packed up my laptop (could not be asked to pack my gaming PC for just one night) and headed off to meet them. I managed to stay up till 5am, making my day a full 24 hours long, but it was worth it to get the chance to hang out with the guys and play some relaxing games.

All in all it was a pretty geeky weekend and I loved every second of it. Now if I could find a way to have a LAN after every con, that would be brilliant! 😉

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