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Kicking It Forward

When I started my own Kickstarter, I knew that I wanted to pledge to Kick It Forward to other projects. Kickstarter is a brilliant tool to encourage new and exciting independent projects that might not otherwise see the light of day, so the least I could do is support others on the site. Here are a couple of my favourite projects which I have backed recently and are still running alongside my own Kickstarter. Please take some time to check them out as they are all worthy of your attention and definitely deserve the praise they have been getting from Kickstarter and the public. If you are kind enough to back them, please leave a comment below – I’d love to know what you liked about them – or leave a comment on their Kickstarter wall.

F*** You Kitty Jenkins


Project Deadline – October 30th 6pm BST

As an artist who started off life with a comic about an evil cat, with an intentionally offensive title, I have a soft spot for this mad little moggy. If you are a fan of surreal, cosmic kitties with a penchant for taking you on wild and wacky adventures, then this comic is for you. The art is adorable and it looks like a very fun project with a lot of future potential. Not to mention the creators are incredibly cool and passionate people and deserve all of your encouragement and support. This definitely plays to the Bee and Puppycat crowd while also having something unique and different about it. While the project is already fully funded, we all know the pitfalls of last minute pledge changes and the ominous threat of Kickstarter fees and unseen costs – so please go and check these guys out and offer your support. Most importantly, you can get a pre-order of the book out of it, and it looks to be a good one.

You can find the project here and also visit Backwards Burd Comics on Facebook and Twitter @BackwardsBurd 

7String Volume 2 – Ready To Launch


Project Deadline – October 30th 7.55am BST

I have been lucky enough to know this amazing artist through conventions for a few years now and been following his gorgeous comic 7String since I first laid eyes on it at Bristol Comic Con (my first English con as an exhibitor). Nich Angell not only shares a name with Simon Pegg’s character in Hot Fuzz, he is also a kick ass comic creator and mastermind behind the beautiful world of Melodia (not to mention one of themost amazing colourists I have had the pleasure of meeting). In 7String Volume 2 you follow the adventures of Zachary Briarpatch in a world where music is a martial art, and instruments your weapons. I cannot recommend this comic series enough and by supporting the Kickstarter you are entering into a rich world with a great backstory and wonderful future to expand into. Check out the 7String Kickstarter now and secure your pre-order (there are also rewards available to purchase Volume 1 for as little as £8)

 You can find the 7String project here and also visit 7String on Facebook or Nich Angell on Twitter @nichangell

Complete Samurai Chef Print Edition


October 27th 5.48pm BST

A story based fashion brand I hear you ask? Well, yes. This well honed, fantastically drawn comic is also a highly fashionable apparel brand with some brilliant hats and shirts which I have had the pleasure of seeing in the flesh at AniManga POP Bristol. The cartoon art is very well coloured and characters well realized, but most importantly it is incredibly fun – fighting, food, Samurai swords and adorable characters – what more could you want? They have already managed to raise a whopping 293% of their original goal of a mere £650 asking fund, but these guys deserve so much more than that! By backing the project you can get a pre-order of the book as well as some very well priced, high quality gear, so don’t miss out!

Find the Kickstarter Project here or visit Samurai Chef on Facebook and Twitter @mayamada

Canaan Cult Revival


November 1st 4am BST

As a creator of a horror book Kickstarter myself, I felt an instant affinity with this project: “A magazine sized anthology of horror comics about demonology & exorcism” – I mean, how perfect does that sound? Artists actually pulled out from this project at the beginning because the stuff these guys are dealing with is so harrowing! The best Kickstarter by far for horror fans (okay, mine’s pretty good too I guess, but this isn’t about me! Haha), especially coming up on Halloween. The comic is also already completed and ready to ship out to people as soon as the campaign is over, if funding is successful. They are currently at $1,481 of their $5,000 (That’s about $3,124), so British backers – please bear in mind how far your pounds will go to help our American horror brethren and get supporting.

You can find the project over on Kickstarter here

Don’t forget, my own Kickstarter is still running until November 1st at 8am, so please feel free to check it out. It is fully funded, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still take advantage of the pledge rewards and, of course, order your pre-order copy of Cirque Du Mort