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26 Feb 2014 by In 2014

Kerrang Komic

K! Komic For Kerrang Magazine

Date Created: February, 2014

Materials: Uni-Pin Fineliners & Photoshop CS6

I was lucky enough to be selected as an artist in the Kerrang! Komic. I was commissioned by Kerrang to draw a 5 panel comic featuring Dave Grohl.

This is actually an extremely proud moment for me for lots of reasons. For one, I used to LOVE reading Kerrang! Magazine. When I was a teenager I would regularly take copies of it into school to read in free periods, or for its free CD compilations. I remember listening to Muse and Queens of the Stoneage for the first time because of K! I booked most of my first gigs because of the ads in the back of K! Including my first gig to see Slipknot when I was 13 years old!

Secondly, this is my first big commission by a magazine as a comic artist. I have worked on books and private commissions in the past, but this is an international magazine that will make its way into stores all over the world and through the post boxes of folks who subscribe to it. So it’s a pretty big deal.

Finally, it’s kind of a nice piece of poetic justice for me personally. I went to a pretty strict Catholic school when I was a teenager and was always a very good kid in class. But, I remember clearly having my Kerrang! Mag confiscated from me in free period once. It had Slipknot on the cover and the teacher asked to see me after class because she was worried about its content. Something about ‘morally questionable’ and ‘Satanic’ or something... I know right! Anyway. I’m kind of hoping now that, somewhere, out there in the big bad world, some kid is reading my comic in school. The comic drawn by a girl who had that same magazine taken away from her because it worried her teacher about her future. The magazine I am now proud to say I have worked for!

© Kerrang Magazine

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