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I Want My Tears Back

Date Created: June, 2013

Materials: Uni-Pin Fineliners & Photoshop CS6

This piece is inspired by the Mexican festival of The Day of The Dead (Dia Los Muertos) and candy skulls. I love the work of artist Sylvia Ji and have been looking for an excuse to try out my own version of a Candy Skull woman for a while, so when I saw the work of MirjaT in my DeviantArt inbox, I was inspired to try this out. As some one who loves drawing small details, this piece was a dream come true for me.

My sketch book is full of small doodles of candy skulls and lacework designs, so this was a great excuse to combine them into one piece. The title is taken from a Nightwish song of the same name - I was listening to them as I was drawing.

If you would like to purchase a print of this artwork, please visit my Online Store.

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