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Dante's Inferno Illustrations

Date Created: January, 2013

Materials: Uni-Pin Fineliners, India Ink & Pencil

These 4 pages are illustrations for one of my favourite poems, Dante's Inferno. The first shows the entrance to Hell as described in Canto III:

'Through me you go into the city of weeping;
Through me you go into eternal pain;
Through me you go among the people lost'

The second picture is my own depiction of lovers in the circle of lust in Canto V:

'Love, which allows no one who is loved to escape.'

The third illustration is inspired by the unnatural wood of the suicides in the seventh circe of Hell in Canto XIII:

'Who are you, who, through so many broken ends,
Sigh out your unhappy words with blood?'

The final illustration is inspired by the final circle of Hell in Canto XXXIV and depicts Lucifer in his prison of ice:

'And this is the place where you will need your courage to protect you.'

© Anastasia Catris 2013 Onwards.

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