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20 Apr 2016 by In Sketch Cards

Cryptozoic’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Sketchcard Set, in Association with IDW

As a ridiculously huge Ghostbusters fan since the age of… well, I don’t think I remember an age when I didn’t love Ghostbusters (seriously, I had all the toys when I was a toddler and have several home videos of me singing the theme song. I even have my own proton pack which I made for my 18th Birthday when I dressed up as Ray!) This sketchcard set was my dream job. I wish I had been able to submit more contributions, but sadly I was moving house at the time and could only take part in so many. This job was also in collaboration with IDW who publish the Ghostbusters comic books, which was a huge achievement for me. To see more about the set be sure to visit the Cryptozoic website.

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