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09 Aug 2013 by In Commissions

Kickstarted Commission

Chaos Hour Kickstarter Commission

Date Created: August, 2013

Materials: Uni-Pin Fineliners & Photoshop SC6

Padraig Balch, the managing director of Chaos Hour, a geek lifestyle website based out of the UK, commissioned this piece as part of their 2013 Kickstarter Project to raise money for a website re-design. He asked for an anime/cute style image showing himself attempting to sell his soul to the devil in order to raise the funds for Kickstarter, but the Devil denying him due to not accepting PayPal. The image was used in their promotional video running throughout the month of August. Their Kickstarter was successfully funded and the campaign can be viewed here.

© Chaos Hour 2013 Onwards.

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