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Little Owl

Amazed By It All

Date Created: July, 2013

Materials: Uni-Pin Fineliners

I drew this for my beautiful friend Carli Ihde's new art group 'Inspirachannel'. Each day she posts a new theme to inspire the artists who are part of it. A great way of challenging yourself to draw every day, or just find one subject that truly inspires you to draw/write/sing/dance for days on end.

For the theme of spirit animal I wanted to choose an animal who spoke to me in some way. I've always had a thing for small, pudgy creatures, so I went with the Owl who is also a symbol of wisdom. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a bit of a know-it-all and fountain of completely useless knowledge, so I thought he would be suitable. I'd hardly say I'm wise, but it's definitely something I'd aspire to be. Add into the mix that this little guy is nocturnal (which I may as well be with my work schedule) and he's pretty much perfect.

© Anastasia Catris 2013 Onwards.

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