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Kerrang Magazine Release

by Anastasia Catris in Announcement Comments: 2 tags: Announcement, Comic, Kerrang

If you guys follow my Facebook page or Twitter account you may have heard mutterings of a super secret project of awesome. Well, guess what? It’s here!

I was lucky enough to be selected as an artist in the Kerrang! Komic. I was commissioned by Kerrang to draw a 5 panel comic featuring Dave Grohl (If you want to know more, you’ll just have to go out and buy the magazine!)

This is actually an extremely proud moment for me for lots of reasons. For one, I used to LOVE reading Kerrang! Magazine. When I was a teenager I would regularly take copies of it into school to read in free periods, or for its free CD compilations. I remember listening to Muse and Queens of the Stoneage for the first time because of K! I booked most of my first gigs because of the ads in the back of K!, including my first gig to see Slipknot when I was 13 years old!

Secondly, this is my first big commission by a magazine as a comic artist. I have worked on books and private commissions in the past, but this is an international magazine that will make its way into stores all over the world and through the post boxes of folks who subscribe to it. So it’s a pretty big deal.

Finally, it’s kind of a nice piece of poetic justice for me personally. I went to a pretty strict Catholic school when I was a teenager and was always a very good kid in class. But, I remember clearly having my Kerrang! Mag confiscated from me in free period once. It had Slipknot on the cover and the teacher asked to see me after class because she was worried about its content. Something about ‘morally questionable’ and ‘Satanic’ or something… I know right! Anyway. I’m kind of hoping now that, somewhere, out there in the big bad world, some kid is reading my comic in school. The comic drawn by a girl who had that same magazine taken away from her because it worried her teacher about her future. The magazine I am now proud to say I have worked for!

Cover photo is © Kerrang! Magazine 2014

Telford MCM Roundup

Telford MCM Roundup

My second con of the year and my first (of many) with MCM. Telford MCM or Midlands Comic Con was held in the Telford International Centre – the same place where I-Series was held only last year, so it was nice and easy for us to find. We managed to get there in perfect time to set everything up before the crowds were allowed in.

Again, this is a convention that suffered from the recent spate of bad weather. While the crowds were definitely present at the beginning of the day, there was not the usual constant influx of people you can expect on a day where taking comics back home in your bag will result in a pile of rainy mulch when you get home. I would imagine quite a lot of cosplayers were also put off by the possibility of their costumes getting ruined on the way to the con.

That being said, it was still a very positive day. I managed to see Nick Angel (7String) and Jon Lock (Afterlife Inc) who I have spoken about so much on Chaos Hour, but rarely actually get to talk to. One of the great things about cons is the small moments you get to step away and see what other artists are up to. It is a constantly inspiring and educational experience.

I also got to meet Laura (Pink Apple Jam) who was kind enough to stop by my table and say hi. I have since had a chance to have a look at her artwork and you seriously need to check her out because her stuff is beautiful.

Next up on the cards is Cardiff Film and Comic Con, hosted by Showmasters, which I am really looking forward to. This is the second time for Showmasters in the Motorpoint Arena since last year, so it’s still a new venue for them, but they have some fantastic guests (and a brilliant town) to work with so I am sure it will be a great con. Hope to see some of you Wales and West based friend there!

Don’t forget to follow my blog and like my Facebook page for information on upcoming conventions and real time updates on the days. Also be sure to bookmark my News Page for all of my convention appearances as they are announced.

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AniManga POP Roundup

by Anastasia Catris in Convention Comments: 2 tags: AniManga Pop, Convention

AniManga POP! Roundup

I have just got back from my first convention of 2014 and it was fantastic! I am happy to say that it was hosted by Mike Alwood, of CICAE fame and as always offered a brilliant selection of entertainment, cosplay, exhibitors and artists.

AniManga POP! was held in the Holiday Inn Plymouth. The location was nice and easy to find (even though it did require me getting up at 5am but that’s the price you pay) and parking was very usefully located right under the hotel, requiring only a short elevator ride to the hall itself. The staff were, as always, incredibly friendly and accommodating and Mike managed to seat me right in front of the cosplay stage which gave me a great view of the day’s entertainment.

Now, Japanese art and culture aren’t one of Mike’s specialties, however, he managed to create a very fun and lively event with a bit of everything thrown in. The crowd was excitable and, despite the recent flooding (especially near the coast as we were) they came out in droves to dance along with J-Pop, chase each other around with potatoes (Attack on Titan people especially) and generally support local artists.

Probably my favourite performance of the day was Naomi Suzuki, a J-Pop singer and performer who managed to get everyone dancing with her lively routines and catchy songs. It was nice being in the heart of the action as I rarely get to see a lot of the performances at cons, being stuck behind a desk. Though it did often get a little bit much as the crowd tended to gather in front of my stall to see the stage rather than actually look at my art.

After the con was over I started the long drive back to Cardiff and managed to get back at about 8pm. My friends were all at EFragz – a local LAN party – and quite frankly I needed a bit of a drink and a game after that much driving. So, despite having been up since 5am, I packed up my laptop (could not be asked to pack my gaming PC for just one night) and headed off to meet them. I managed to stay up till 5am, making my day a full 24 hours long, but it was worth it to get the chance to hang out with the guys and play some relaxing games.

All in all it was a pretty geeky weekend and I loved every second of it. Now if I could find a way to have a LAN after every con, that would be brilliant! 😉

Cover photo is © Fantasy Events UK

12 Doctors Project Raises £500 for the National Autistic Society

The 12 Doctors Project Raises £500 for the National Autistic Society

I am really proud to announce that The 12 Doctors of Christmas has just broken the £500 barrier! This is a pretty big achievement considering that donation to this project was always completely optional. Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated to The National Autistic Society and downloaded our work, it is nice to know that it is going towards helping those in need.

Remember, even though Christmas has come and gone, this book is here to stay and with the introduction of the 12th Doctor in 2014, it may even have some revisions and additions over the year. So please keep following for more information as and when it happens. It may make a brilliant present for the Whovian in your life next Christmas. Here is the link to the book if you would like to support the project and the wonderful charity it is associated with.

Cover photo is © Cygnus Alpha ’12 Doctors of Christmas’

12 Doctors of Christmas Story Released

12 Doctors of Christmas Story Released

For those of you who follow my Facebook page, you may have seen small snippets of statuses and even teasers of artwork hinting at a big project in the works… well here it is!

I can now reveal that I have been working alongside Cygnus Alpha, the Doctor Who Fanzine, on their latest release – The 12 Doctors of Christmas. I was assigned the 10th Doctor (That’s David Tennant for all of you non-Whovians out there) and got to work with a good friend of mine from the world of conventioneering, Simon Brett.

Simon’s story, The Stocking Killers, was a brilliant one to illustrate as it had a wealth of fun imagery to play with. I won’t give too much away as I think you all need to see it to appreciate it! The story is actually FREE to download, as well as the other 11 stories. Each of them written and illustrated by some of the best fan writers and artists in the UK.

An optional donation may be given to charity (The National Autistic Society) upon downloading the story should you wish and although this is encouraged, it is not necessary. This is a non-profit project made by fans for fans so we hope that you enjoy it.

You can find the story and illustration, as well as links to the other stories, here. Please let me know what you think of it below. The illustration is also available to view in my gallery.

Cover photo is © Anastasia Catris and Cygnus Alpha Magazine

The Deep Cards Released

Viceroy’s The Deep Cards Released

I can finally announce that Viceroy’s The Deep set is now being shipped. Sadly Viceroy had some issues with buyers which meant that their set was delayed, but they are now shipping and it is looking like a fantastic set.

I can also now reveal my contributions to the set which you can see below. I had a lot of fun with this set – sadly my blue Copic pens did not! I had a bit of a drama halfway through finishing the set and had to rush out to restock pretty much all of my blue pens as they had died a death on me. Insectae managed to kill what was left of my greens, while Beyond Stoker’s Dracula sucked my red dry – so I suppose it was only a matter of time.

I have put a few of my personal favorite cards from this set below, but if you would like to see all 25 of the cards I contributed to this set, click here.

I have saved one AP for my father on this set as I know how much he loves sea creatures and tropical fish, but this still leaves me with 4 APs up for grabs if anyone is interested. I will add more information on these as and when I draw them/they are approved by Viceroy, however if you are interested in a personalized AP, please feel free to get in touch.

Cover photo is © Anastasia Catris

Viceroy Insectae Cards Released

Viceroy Insectae Cards Released

Viceroy have announced the release of the Insectae card set. I really enjoyed working on this set as it gave me a chance to work with a bit of realism. I hope that the collectors like my take on certain creatures as obviously I still managed to put a little of my own style on them. This was a big test of my Copic skills too as I was relying on a lot of new techniques to create the illusion of exoskeletons, shining shells and even (in the case of fireflies) luminescence.

I really hope I get to work with Viceroy again. It was a nice change to work on animals and there are even rumblings of the possibility of arachnids in the future (obviously we had to check every insect we were drawing to make sure it was actually from the species group Insectae first!) The card stock was also of a beautiful high quality being very thick with engraved information on the back and foil detailing.

All in all these cards make for a beautiful collector’s piece and I’m really looking forward to hearing from anyone who drew any of my cards in their decks.

Here are some of my favorite contributions to the set. Let me know if you managed to pull any of them. You can see the entire collection of the 25 cards I contributed to this set here.

I also have 5 APs from this set up for grabs if anyone is interested. I will add more information on these as and when I draw them/they are approved by Viceroy, however if you are interested in a personalized AP, please feel free to get in touch.

Cover photo is © Anastasia Catris

Beyond Stoker’s Dracula Cards Released

Beyond Stoker’s Dracula Cards Released!

Well, I can finally reveal my contributions to the Cult-Stuff Beyond Stoker’s Dracula set! Cards have been released today and are available to buy from the Cult-Stuff website. If you are a collector and have managed to pick up one of my pieces, please let me know. This was my first official sketch card set so it would be lovely to meet some of the fine folk who have managed to draw my cards in their deck breaks.

I thought I would take this chance to share with you some of my pieces from this deck. The idea behind the set was to draw from the inspiration that Bram Stoker gave us, i.e. vampire myths and legends that have come about since Dracula. Here are some of my favorite cards that I drew. If you would like to see all 30 cards that I contributed to the set, please check out my Portfolio entry.

Cover photo is © Anastasia Catris

Mona Lisa Featured on Gioconda Project Webpage

Mona Lisa Featured on Gioconda Project Webpage

For those who follow my Facebook page, you may have already seen that I have entered a piece of work into the Gioconda Project, an exciting international project uniting a whole host of artists from all over the world in drawing artwork inspired by one of the most recognisable portraits of all time – The Mona Lisa.

I actually found out about this competition from an artist on Deviant Art and immediately decided I wanted to be a part of it. Seeing so many of the artistic interpretations that went before me, however, I really did not expect to be accepted. I drew my own version of the famous smile and sent it off and within a few hours had received an e-mail from the organizers saying that it had been accepted!

So many artists have already taken part in this project and I am really proud to be counted among them. Please take the opportunity to visit the Gioconda Project site and give my piece a look. And, while you’re there, be sure to look through some of the other amazing entries.

The Gioconda Project is hoping to publish selected artworks in a book in 2014, followed by possibly displaying the work in a European gallery.

Cover photo is © Anastasia Catris

London MCM Roundup

by Anastasia Catris in Convention Comments: 0 tags: Convention

London MCM (October) 2013 Roundup

Well, that’s the end of my conventioneering for one more year. London MCM was a blast and I got to see many of my friends from the circuit one more time before the close of the year. Sadly Friday turned into a bit of a bust due to having exceedingly bad migraines all day, but I somehow managed to stay on till the end (luckily Fridays are usually only a set up/preview day) and Saturday/Sunday more than made up for it. Huge thanks go out to my mister who tried his damndest to make me feel better all Friday evening – even to the extent of driving me around to try and find food, only to have me not be able to eat because my head hurt so much!

I managed to bust out some commissions all day Saturday, including one for a very stylish bearded young man who requested a portrait of himself. I am always a bit wary of drawing portraits ‘on the day’ simply as I am never able to spend as much time as I would like on likeness (and always find multiple photos help as opposed to one phone photo) and would hate to offend anyone with a bad portrait – but this one didn’t turn out half bad. He seemed very pleased with it and even kept popping by to chat and push his friends over to the stall when he could.

Overall London MCM this year has been a brilliant learning curve for me. This was the first of my ‘big’ conventions and has really set up my expectations for London based cons in the future. Mostly learning the logistics of travel and accommodation, timing and stock, has been the most useful experience. I am hoping to get to a lot more of the MCM conventions in 2014, but until then it is time to wind down for the Winter and work on my sketch card projects and Christmas commissions.

Thank you to everyone for coming to visit me and of course commissioning work off me. I hope you all liked it. Be sure to comment below if you were one of the lovely people I met this year, it would be awesome to hear from you.

Be sure to follow this blog or my Facebook page for announcements on 2014 appearances and I look forward to seeing you all

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next year!