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DC’s ‘SuperVillains’ Sketch Cards by Cryptozoic

DC’s ‘SuperVillains’ Sketch Cards by Cryptozoic

I am very excited to be able to reveal my contributions to DC’s ‘SuperVillains’ Sketch Card Set published through Cryptozoic. I really loved working on this set with the awesome guys over at Cryptozoic Entertainment and cannot thank them enough for giving me the chance to work with one of the biggest comic book companies in the world, let alone one that it has been a dream of mine to work with since I was a little kid watching the 60’s Batman TV show on VHS! I got to draw officially licensed depictions of some of my favourite villains including Two Face, The Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and of course Harley Quinn.

One of my favourite parts of this set was the ‘Hall of Doom’ shaped sketch cards which were significantly smaller than other sketch cards I have worked on in the past, as well as being quite a difficult shape. We were told to show characters from the Legion of Doom on these cards, so I chose Cheetah, Bizarro and Sinestro and I was pretty proud of how they turned out.

The set is due for release on May 27th 2015. Below are some of my favourite cards from the set. I hope you like them as much as I do. You can see my full list of 32 contributions in my Gallery. You can also check them out on my Facebook and my Instagram @AnastasiaCatris.

Colour Me Mindful Book Series Announced

Colour Me Mindful Book Series Announced

I  am really happy to announce that I have been working with the lovely folks at Orion Publishing Group on a new series of colouring books for adults. These things have really taken off at the moment and it is wonderful to see the amount of beautiful books being brought out by some truly phenomenal artists. I have always been a huge lover of intricate line art, so this project is a dream come true for me. If you ever thought that colouring was therapeutic, drawing that much detail is double that for me. 

The first book, Colour Me Mindful: Tropical will focus on tropical scenes, ideal for wild bursts of vibrant colour.  You can expect intricate designs including tropical plants, fish, animals, birds and insects. I absolutely love what the guys at Orion have done with the cover. The colours are lovely and tranquil with a nice pop of colour from the parrot. If I am getting this excited at my editor’s digital colouring skills, imagine how excited I am to see what you make of my designs when the book is released in July!


The second book in the series is Colour Me Mindful: Birds and does exactly what it says on the tin. You can expect a cute and (if you have anything to do with it) colourful array of characters from garden birds to birds of prey, owls to humming birds, peacocks to kingfishers, all drawn in a unique and heavily detailed way which should encourage your imagination. I can’t wait to show you more soon.


Finally we have Colour Me Mindful: Underwater. This is probably the one I am most enjoying as I have always loved drawing underwater creatures (See Viceroy’s ‘The Deep’ or ‘Ocean’). As you can see from the cover, we will be delving back into the tropical waters again, but you will also see sea mammals and of course fresher waters too.


At only £4.99 each, these books are set to be incredibly affordable and you can even pre-order them on Amazon now. I really hope you like what I’ve shown you so far and can’t wait to show you more in the Summer when they are set to go on sale.

CHADPOPS’ ‘Working Girls Throughout The Ages’ Sketchcard Set Released

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CHADPOPS’ ‘Working Girls Throughout The Ages’ Sketchcard Set Released

This week saw the release of CHADPOPS highly anticipated sketchcard set ‘Working Girls Throughout the Ages’. I have been waiting to show you these cards for a while, mostly because I am very proud of them and really enjoyed all of the research that went into the history, costuming and even religion associated with the evolution of prostitution. I even managed to get a carnival character in there down to all of my research into circus culture while working on ‘Cirque Du Mort’.  The three legged woman you can see in my contributions is my interpretation of Blanche Dumas, a French courtesan who was born with three legs (and two vaginas! Not pictured *wink*). I have also included famous historical women who also happened to be prostitutes including the famous pirate Ching Shih, Calamity Jane (if only Doris Day knew!), Nell Gwynn and Mata Hari; and some religious characters including St. Mary Magdelene, the Aztec Goddess Xochiqutzal and Babylonian Goddess Ishtar. I also drew two male prostitutes – a Roman gladiator and a Japanese kagema.

You can see the entire collection of my contributions here, but below are a selection of some of my favourites. I hope you like them and you can also check them out on my Facebook and my Instagram @AnastasiaCatris.


DC’s SuperVillains Sketch Cards Preview


I am really excited to share with you my preview cards for the upcoming DC Supervillains Trading Card and Sketchcard set, published through Cryptozoic. The lovely folk at DC and Cryptozoic chose to preview my Killer Frost, Riddler and Bleez (all of whom I am pretty proud of), but I also worked on many other big names including the Clown Prince of Crime himself; cosplay favourites such as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy; and some more bizarre(o) villains. It won’t be long now until the sets release and I can’t wait to be able to show you all of my other contributions to this set. I hope you like what you see so far.

Don’t forget that I am also on Instagram if you would like to follow my artwork live there.





Wednesday Wish List

Wednesday Wish List – Dread Central

As some of you may know, I recently took the plunge and finally got myself locks. I have wanted locks since I was very young. Not particularly sure what initially ignited my love for them beyond the awesome Celtic Warrior look, I just know that the idea of having dreads was always something that interested me (blue dreads – even better). As I grew older, I learned more about the link locks have with Celtic Paganism and how Celtic warriors used to wear them to strike fear into their enemies (Spartans and Greek warriors also did the same). When I was in university a friend of mine had beautiful dreadlocks which she had done when she was traveling around India, and I always wanted to try them for myself, but was put off by the stereotype that so many people put forward of them being unwashed or the idea that you had to cut them off to get rid of them (both completely untrue might I add! I wash mine almost as regularly as my straight hair and you can brush them out if you want to).

So on February 2nd I went along to a lovely lady in Bristol named Rosielocks, and 4 hours later, I was the proud owner of 42 brand new baby dreads. I had been growing my hair out for a few months prior to this, but as Rosie used the crochet method, luckily the length of my hair remained pretty much the same.


As you can see from the above photo, they turned out amazingly! And I cannot thank Rosie enough for all of her hard work. I will be writing up a post about my ‘Dreadlock Journey’ in the future, but as I am only a couple of months in there hasn’t been a great change in them just yet beyond them falling a little better and having a LOT of dark roots!

So, for my first Wednesday Wish List of this year, I decided to go along a dreadlock theme and share with you some of my favourite adornments and products that I have found online for these knotty new friends.

Dreaded Storm… Handmade Lampwork Glass Bead

Bead 1

This gorgeous hand made glass bead by Beatle Baby Glassworks on Etsy is £12.62 and it looks like it is worth every penny. As I don’t wear jewelry, dread beads are a brilliant way to accessorize; especially if it means wearing what looks like a beautiful tiny galaxy! The colours are beautifully vivid with purples, blues, greens and pinks, and the good thing about it being glass is that there is no danger of paint peeling or wood denting over time if you didn’t happen to take these beauties out for a bit.

Vital Goods – African Black Soap Shea Butter Shampoo – Grapefruit Lemongrass Dreadlock Shampoo


Just how gorgeous and luxurious does this sound? I have been experimenting with a number of residue-free, cruelty free shampoos since getting my new dreads and this one just sounds gorgeous. The grapefruit and lemongrass combo just sounds lovely and refreshing, while the little bit of Shea Butter helps the tightening process and the Black Soap leaves you with a deep clean. Hoping to get a sample of this sometime in the future once I have finished my current bottle of Knotty Boy Shampoo (will be reviewing all the products I have tried in a future post).

Luving Your Locks – Dreadlock Hair Tie


I love the winged detailing on this gorgeous dreadlock hair tie by LuvingYourLocks on Etsy. They have also created a series of beads which match this style in various colours. The good thing about this style of hair tie is that it’s not as strenuous on your locks as elastic can be (which can sometimes cut into the lock slightly). And is long enough to deal with much thicker hair. Personally I’ve fallen in love with this whole wings/leaves range and may have to invest in a collection in the future.

Dollylocks Travel Sized Variety Pack


This is an extremely good deal, especially for people like me who are only just getting started with their hair and are eager to try out new products. I love the look of all of Dollylocks products, and this is a great way to sample some of the scents and different items including the tightening spray, powders and different shampoos. Also, it means you have a surplus of travel size items ideal for holidays (or in my case for convention weekends, festivals and LAN parties). Will definitely be treating myself to this some time in the future.

Custom Tentacle Bead from Southpaw Polymer


One of the things I love about my hair so far is the fact it kind of makes me look like a mermaid. The beach and locks kid of go hand in had, so an aquatic themed lock bead like this seems ideal to me. The company makes them completely customized to your own specifications, from size to colours, and they have a wide range of colours including some lovely metallics. Even though they are made from polymer clay, they look so much more sturdy than you would think, but the clay makes them light enough to wear in your hair without feeling dragged down.

Magic Forest Bead by Knotfarfromhair


If I was going to treat myself to any one of the beads I have favourited on Etsy, this would be a definite prize. It just looks like a miniature piece of art and has a beautiful, natural feel to it. Knotfarfromhair also do some wonderful tentacle style beads which wrap naturally around the lock and they come in a variety of fun, crazy colours.

Perna Studios’ ‘Classic Fairy Tale’ Sketchcards Released

Perna Studios’ ‘Classic Fairy Tale’ Sketchcards Released

I am happy to be able to finally reveal my contributions to Perna Studios’ Spring 2015 Sketch Card Set, ‘Classic Fairy Tales. I contributed 19 cards to this set and I really enjoyed coming up with the ideas. I have to say that even though I really enjoyed it, it was also pretty challenging as I LOVE fairy tales and, if I’m honest, wanted to draw too many things. Maybe one day I can work on my own little collection of fairy tales, or maybe even an illustrated book? This project definitely got me thinking.

Here are a few of my favourite from the set, but you can see the entire collection in my Gallery. I would love to know what your favourite card is, or what your favourite fairy tale is? I have already started working on three personal commission APs for this set, but still have two left so maybe I can work your favourite into one of those. So far Alice in Wonderland and Snow White are definitely proving the most popular…

Cover image is © Perna Studios.

DC’s Super Villains’ Artist List Announced

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DC’s Super Villains’ Artist List Announced

Well, after a few months of teasing you with hints of what I have been working on, I can finally announce that I am one of the artists lucky enough to work on Cryptozoic and DC‘s newest sketch card set ‘Super Villains’. You can see the full artist list here and you can also follow their blog if you would like to keep up to date with artist previews as they are announced.

Unfortunately I can’t show you any previews of my work on the set just yet as I am still waiting on approvals from DC and Cryptozoic. What I can tell you is that this set was probably one of the most challenging and fun projects I have ever had the pleasure to work on. Not only did I get to work for one of the Big 2, but I also got to draw some of my favourite characters including the Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Cat Woman, Bizarro and many more that I hadn’t even heard of until now.

I cannot wait to hear back from the lovely people at Cryptozoic about which cards have been approved (fingers crossed) for the set and which ones they have chosen to preview on their site. I will let you know as soon as I do.

Is there a particular DC villain that you would like to see? Who is your favourite DC villain? 

Valentine’s Cards Now on Sale

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Valentine’s Cards Now on Saleil_570xN.725106323_3b8k

You can now order Cirque Du Mort themed greetings cards with the above design, themed around two of my favourite characters, Seam (the costume master) and Ragdoll (the trapeze artist).

Why not order something a little different for your loved one this Valentine’s Day?

The cards measure 5.5″ x 4.25″ and come with a plain white envelope included. Cards are left blank for your own personal message and as such can be used for events other than Valentine’s Day, from birthdays to anniversaries, to just sweet thank yous.

This detailed greetings card depicts an anatomical human heart which has been patched back together using scraps of material, a sewing needle and thread. It is adorned with a scroll stating the words ‘Made For You’ and an orange Monarch butterfly with a circus/carnival style backdrop.

Whilst this is a piece of ‘Cirque Du Mort’ merchandise, it is also ideal for those interested in tattoo imagery, Gothic style, circus style, sewing and crafts and horror, while also being a romantic card.

(Please be aware that items are shipped from the UK so those of you overseas may not receive them in time for Feb 14th, but they would still make lovely Anniversary, Birthday, Engagement cards or just a nice little note card).

Find the cards on my Etsy store here.

Cirque Du Mort and all of its characters are © Anastasia Catris 2014 onwards.

Cirque Du Mort Speed Painting

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For those of you who may have missed my ‘speed paint’ of the Cirque Du Mort ring leader from my original Kickstarter campaign, here it is in all of its glory. I’m hoping to create a lot more of these in the future and start streaming my artwork live via Justin.TV. This will include traditional and digital painting and even some of my professional sketch cards. What would you like to see me draw live?

Small Business Saturday


So, today is Small Business Saturday here in the UK. Usually I would use this time to promote my Etsy Store for prints and artwork (incidentally if you join up to Etsy using this link you will get £5 off your first purchase on any store on Etsy – you can also get 20% off all my store purchases of £10+ using Promo Code ‘COOLYULE’ until December 12th), or refer you to my Society6 page for merch, tee shirts and tote bags; and in fact, that is pretty much what I will be doing on my Social Media pages. But, today, in the spirit of the Holidays, I will be using Small Business Saturday to promote my friends and their awesome small businesses. So, please take the time to check out these amazingly awesome people and their fantastic work. (I apologize in advance if I missed you out – I know so many independent creators the list would get a bit crazy).


Jon Lock Comics

Jon Lock is the writer and creator of Afterlife Inc. as well as one half of the Heavenly Chord Series (in collaboration with Nich Angell – see below)  and co-founder of Big Punch Studios. This may all sound incredibly impressive (and don’t get me wrong, it really is), but Jon is still an independent creator who uses his day job to fund his awesome projects. He is an amazing writer and has created one of the best independent comics out there, in my humble opinion. His stories are both fun and interesting with a rich world of characters, philosophy and intrigue. His artistic collaborators are also incredibly well chosen and rival the work of mainstream professionals in the world of comics. You can check out Jon Lock’s Afterlife Inc. on his website here, or visit him on Facebook. You can also support Jon by buying his comic (and honestly, if you are looking out for one of the big up and comers in the world of comic writing, this is the guy!) on Comixology and Comicsy.



If you were one of the lovely people who followed my Kickstarter project, you probably heard me going on about Nich Angell and his amazing project 7String. 7String is one of those well honed, well crafted and beautifully drawn comics that simply leaps off the stands at conventions. It is beautifully coloured with a unique palette and fun, quirky style. The story is original and great for fans of music and comics alike. Not only that, the world is so full and rich it has leaked over into the world of Afterlife Inc. in the form of the Heavenly Chord. There are some very exciting things ahead for Big Punch Studios in the new year and all of you will definitely want to be in on the ground floor for this rise in indie comics. So be sure to add both Afterlife Inc. and 7String to your collection because these guys are set to take over the world of indie comics and I for one could not be more excited. You can check out 7String on Facebook or over on Nich Angell’s website.


Subversive Comics

I have been lucky enough to sit by Subversive Comics for two conventions this year – Dublin MCM and Birmingham MCM – and I can safely say these guys are some of the most encouraging and inspiring professionals in Indie comics. Their brand is extremely well honed with a range of clothing, plushies and of course the amazing comics. The art is both fun and gory at the same time and I never get tired of hearing the pitch ‘think Care Bears meets Walking Dead’. These guys are what independent comics are all about – a niche you never thought you needed until you saw it! You can visit Subversive Comics on Facebook and buy their comics via Comicsy.


The Heart of Time

Sarah Millman, the artist and writer behind The Heart of Time, is both extremely talented and incredibly sweet. She is part of what I like to call the ‘Taffia’ of independent comics (i.e. the ‘Mafia’ from Wales) and I am proud to know this gal. She makes every con I appear with her at that little bit more fun and this fun, quirky edge is evident in her brilliant comic The Heart of Time. Time traveling pugs and motorcycle driving blue haired girls, what more could you want? You can visit the Heart of Time Comic on Facebook and she also has an official website here.



I fell in love with Reaperfox’s art when I first saw her stall at a convention what seems like an age ago. I am lucky to count this wonderful artist as a friend now after sharing many a con with her and getting to know her and her awesome art. She, like me, is a gamer and a fan artist  – and what a fan artist she is! From League of Legends to Team Fortress, Doctor Who to My Little Pony, this artist always has something which I will covet until I finally get it (I am the proud owner of the original ACEO of her LOL Poros and it is just adorable). You can find her website and blog here, she also has a RedBubble Store and an Etsy Store. If you do decide to grab something from her Etsy be sure to sign up to the site using this link for £5 off your first purchase (the money still goes to the artist!)



If you have been to a comic convention this year, chances are you have met Steve Penfold, the fantastic artist behind Moon, a detective comic book series starring (you guessed it) the Moon! Yes, the Moon himself comes down from the sky to fight crime, because… well, why not! The humour in these comics is great and Steve’s style is brilliant and unique. Issue 3 was very excitingly released this year after much anticipation and Beyond The Bunker Comics have managed to create a loyal and large fan base of comic book aficionados and new comic readers alike, and with such an interesting and original story and style it is not surprising. Be sure to check out BTB and Moon on Facebook or their website. You can also buy Moon via Comicsy.



Stiffs was one of my first ever experiences of online crowd funding, back in the day when Kickstarter was only for Americans and IndieGoGo was the only way to go…go. Set in South Wales, this zombie comedy follows members of a call centre as they (and their pot smoking alcoholoic talking monkey) decide to take on the undead for themselves. Reminiscent of Shaun of the Dead, this is a must have indie comic for fans of horror comedy. Most of the guys involved in this comic are moving along in the world of indie comics to great and exciting things from working with major publishers to creator owned material – so owning this book marks you down as owning a piece of indie comic history in the making – not to mention owning a brilliant indie book with some amazing art. You can find Stiffs on Facebook  and buy the book on BigCartel or Comixology.


The Pride

Whether you are a member of the LGBTQ community or not, The Pride is a must have for any comic collector’s shelf. Putting the fun back into the superhero comic, with big bold colours and even bolder characters, The Pride is one of the most exciting comics in the world of indie publishing right now. Championing diversity in comics from LGBTQ, to race and body image, to the creators themselves, The Pride is a force to be reckoned with in the world of pro-active comics. I have been lucky enough to sit by these guys at several cons in the past and it is always so nice to hear the stories of the people who keep on getting inspired by these books, whether it is the young boy having just come out of the closet being bought the comic by his proud mum, or an older comic collector who is just happy to see his sexuality represented in the medium he loves.  You can find The Pride on Facebook and buy the book on Comixology.


Lou Scannon

Lou Scannon… gettit? Loose..? Cannon? This is a comedy sci fi adventure which has become a staple comic of UK conventions with a team as funny and generally fun as the comic itself. The art is brilliant with a unique cartoon style that compliments the jokey atmosphere of the book and the world that is created has been very well established (we’re now on Issue 7!). The team behind this book are incredibly talented and all progressing amazingly in the world of comics, so again this book series is also a piece of comic history, so grab yours now! You can find Lou Scannon on Facebook or their website and you can buy their comic here


In Ear Entertainment

Breaking away from the world of comics for a moment, but still solidly in the realm of publishing, In Ear Entertainment is a fantastic UK based publisher who creates original audiobooks and podcasts. The talent of the writers involved with this company is awe inspiring and In Ear manages to find brilliant VO Actors to create well read and atmospheric audiobooks that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With a wide range of publications from sci fi to horror, short stories and comedy, In Ear has something for everyone at extremely reasonable prices. A perfect stocking filler for any book lover this Christmas. With the popularity of Audible and electronic media, audiobooks are on the rise, and this is a company you definitely need to listen out for (see what I did there?) You can find In Ear Entertainment on Facebook or purchase their books direct for there website.

There are honestly so many other companies, comics and creators I would love to include on this list, but if I keep on going by the time I publish this post it will be Sunday! So please, if I have missed you, or if you would like to add yourself to this list, feel free to link to your business in the comments below so that the readers can check you out. If you have made it this far, thank you so much for checking out the list. Please take the time to check out these amazing creators. I am lucky enough to call each of them my friends and they have all been so supportive of me, so take a look at what they do.

Even if you can’t afford to support them by buying their comic or work, a like or a comment on their pages is enough to let them know that you appreciate what they do. Have a great #SmallBizSatUK and speak to you all soon!