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Unstoppable Dead Divas Announcement

Not one day since my last card set announcement and I already have another for you! Along a similar theme to yesterday’s post, I have been lucky enough to be asked to work on Unstoppable Cards’ upcoming 2014 set Dead Divas.

At first I wasn’t sure what the subject material was going to be. I thought it might be literal in the sense of actual deceased starlets, but no, that would be a little insensitive surely? Then I thought maybe something more zombie like? Perhaps a zombie pinups series? Well, it turns out the second guess was a little closer. It seems the artists involved will be working alongside Bianca Thompson, a pretty big name in the sketch card community, to recreate versions of her own characters, the Dead Divas.

Think Monster High meets Living Dead Dolls, but all grown up. These ladies each have their own unique personalities and styles which I cannot wait to work on. My personal favourite is, obviously, ‘Lady of the Death’ due to her being a Day of The Dead style skull. And we all know how much I love those. Luckily for me the deadline is early 2014 allowing me plenty of time to work on these gorgeous characters.

Unstoppable is also the first company I have worked with who offer licensed material! Which is a pretty big step for me, so I am even more excited to work with them on this series. As well as Dead Divas they will next year be offering Blakes 7, The Wicker Man and The Man Who Fell To Earth.

Keep posted by following this blog for more information on the set as I hear more from Unstoppable Cards. To learn more about this company, feel free to visit their site Unstoppable Cards or their Facebook group here.

Cover photo is © Bianca Thompson

Perna Studios Hallowe’en Announcement

I am happy to announce that I have been invited to take part in Perna Studios upcoming Hallowe’en set, due for a 2014 release.

I am definitely looking forward to working on this set as I have followed Perna’s latest release Classic Mythology closely. As a company they seem to be dealing with subjects that really interest me personally, and the standard of their previous sets is exemplary.

This comes as I have been drawing a lot of Halloween themed art on my Facebook group lately and I couldn’t be happier that I have as that is what caught Perna’s eye when contacting me. I am sure you can all guess the subject material involved and I am excited to get started, but obviously, due to the 2014 release, I should have a lot of time to work on it.

Keep posted by following this blog for more information on the set as I hear more from Perna Studios. To learn more about this company, feel free to visit their site Perna Studios or their Facebook group here.

Cover photo is © Perna Studios. Artwork by Lynne Anderson

Showmasters Cardiff Film and Comic Con Roundup

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Showmasters Cardiff Film and Comic Con Roundup

Well this weekend saw in my second to last convention of 2013 and my first ever taste of Showmasters’ Conventions. This was the first Showmasters convention in Wales and definitely brought in the crowds. The queues went all the way around the Motorpoint Arena and also brought in a lot of people who I haven’t seen at cons in Cardiff in the past (including a lot of old college friends).

One of the nicest things about this con was it was a home town con, which are always nice and relaxing. I was lucky enough to know a lot of the people who came through the doors, but also knew some of the non-locals from cons around the country and of course the exhibitors themselves, so it was a very nice friendly atmosphere. The staff of Showmasters were very pleasant and even came round to my stall to see how things were going. And I was lucky enough to be seated next to a good friend of mine, Jamie Todd.

I think one of the nicest surprises, however, was being sat directly behind Gail Simone, a bit of an idol for me as a female creator. She was kind enough to chat to me for a while and was very encouraging of my work. I also got the chance to meet James O’Barr, whose prolific work The Crow was a big inspiration to me growing up.

The only thing to mar the experience somewhat was the news that Showmasters would be returning (not the bad news) on March 1st and 2nd of 2014. On one hand I was excited that Showmasters would be coming back. All in all this had been a very pleasant experience for me. But, sadly, this meant that they would be returning the exact same weekend that CICAE would be running its convention just down the road!

For those of you who don’t know, Cardiff International Comic and Animation Expo was my first ever convention. Mike Alwood, the awesome con organizer, was the first guy to give me a chance as a convention artist. My first ever con and he gave me a table right by the entrance! I had never sold my art ‘in person’ before (I had freelanced work online and obviously drawn SuBo’s Cat – but I’d never really worked face to face with potential buyers) so this con was extremely important to me as it gave me a lot of confidence and much needed experience in selling my own work. Without CICAE I probably wouldn’t be where I am in my career right now as far as getting my work out there to the right audience and meeting so many other artists and collaborators.

A bunch of us, The Pride, Stiffs and Jamie Todd included, all contacted Mike that day to show our support. I even went as far to say that should he choose to go ahead with CICAE, I would opt to get a table with him over CFCC. As lucrative as Showmasters was (and this isn’t an ‘us’ and them’ situation) and welcoming as they had been to me personally, Mike is my conventioneering family!

Sadly, he has decided not to go ahead with CICAE from now on, which I personally think is a huge loss to the convention community. As much as Showmasters and MCM do for the comic and ‘geek’ community, it is difficult for small press and independent creators such as myself to compete with the larger names and (quite frankly) bigger audience pullers that shows like that can attract. So, smaller, local cons are necessary for people like us to grow as artists and learn how best to approach the bigger cons when we’re ready.

Luckily, Mike and the team behind CICAE are still avid supporters of the small press and indie scene and are hoping to put on smaller, more niche shows in the New Year. I will keep you up to date with any shows that they have on offer – because you can be sure as hell I will be there supporting them every step of the way – just as they have done me.

Until then – with CICAE sadly taken off the cards for 2014, it looks like I will happily be set to reappear at Showmasters Cardiff Film and Comic Con on March 1st – 2nd 2014. I am sure it will live up to the hype that it has created in Cardiff this year and hopefully inspire new creators and artists to step up to the plate and exhibit for their very first time.

Cover photo is © Event Seeker

Featured on A Medic’s World!

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Featured on A Medic’s World!

I have been featured as Sketch Art/Artist of the Day by the wonderful Tom Shewbridge on his website A Medic’s World. Looking through some of the other sketch card artists featured on the site, it is a pretty big honor to be featured. Tom is an avid collector of sketch cards and active member of the sketch card community, so having his seal of approval means a lot.

The featured card is actually Supergirl, one of my older cards from my 2012 Sketch Card A Day Challenge. It’s quite nice to see how I’m slowly improving in this art form. I’m trying to experiment more with compositions now as I get used to the small scale of the cards, adding a bit more dynamic to the posing and trying to fit some more action. But then, pinups like this one are always popular.

Please be sure to pop by his website and leave a comment. It’s always nice to have so much encouragement from the Sketch Card Community as I am still quite new to it all. Here’s hoping that my first professional sketch card sets due out later in the year will be as well received.

Cover photo is © Anastasia Catris 2012

Viceroy Insectae & The Deep Announcement

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I am happy to announce that since receiving my first company job as a sketch card artist for Cult-Stuff Cards, I have been accepted to work on two new sets for a Las Vegas based company named Viceroy Cards.


Much like Cult-Stuff, Viceroy concentrate on unlicensed material (I.e. material which holds no copyright and is therefore public domain), creating high quality cards with unique artist driven artwork. Their previous set ‘Carnival’, for example, had artists creating characters based on the travelling carnival, such as strong men and ring leaders (I am seriously jealous that I couldn’t be part of this set – would have had a lot of fun with it, I’m sure).

I have been commissioned to work on their two newest sets named ‘Insectae’ and ‘The Deep’. I am pretty excited about this as I get to play around with realism and, of course, draw a lot of ugly buglies and underwater creatures.

My dad actually seems more excited about this set than anything else I’ve worked on! If anything because me and him have always shared a passion for tropical fish. He has an amazing fish tank of his own, full of ridiculously colourful fish; whereas I have three little puffer fish in my own smaller tank. I’m hoping I will get to reference some of these little guys in my sketches.

Keep posted by following this blog for more information on the set as I hear more from Viceroy. To learn more about this company, feel free to visit their site Viceroy Cards or their Facebook group here. You can also follow them on Twitter.

Cover photo is © Viceroy Cards. Artwork by Lark Sudol

Beyond Stoker’s Dracula Announcement

I am proud to announce that I have been accepted onto my first ever sketch card set, ‘Beyond Stoker’s Dracula‘ by Cult-Stuff Cards!


For those of you who don’t know, a sketch card or ACEO (Art Card Editions and Originals) or even ATC (Art Trading Card) is a small piece of original artwork measuring 2.5” by 3.5”. It’s an awesome way for collectors to purchase original art for a reasonable price.

I started drawing sketch cards for conventions in 2012, premiering my work at CICAE (Cardiff International Comic and Animation Expo). My cards have definitely evolved since my first few commissions. Originally they were simple pinups drawn on basic Bristol stock with felt tip pens! Since I received a pack of Copic Markers as a gift, however, my cards have gone from strength to strength.

Sketch Cards have fast become one of my best selling convention items and, thanks to useful websites like Sketch Card Fanatics, my most requested online commission too. I’m slowly getting to know the online sketch card community and am hoping to get on a few more sets in the future. But, until then, I am really looking forward to working with Liza and Jason from Cult-Stuff on this set.

Keep posted by following this blog for more information on the set as I hear more from Cult Stuff. To learn more about this company, feel free to visit their site Cult-Stuff Cards or their Facebook group here.

Cover photo is © Cult Stuff Cards