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Marvel ‘Fleer Ultra Spider-Man’ Sketchcards Aprroved

Marvel ‘Fleer Ultra Spider-Man’ Approved Cards

As a lifelong Marvel fan, this was a very big deal for me and I am super proud of the work I did on this set. I had a bit of a stressful start to this year, with a lot of things happening in my personal life that started to effect my work. This was one of those jobs that I knew I had to finish no matter what was happening in my life, and I am so happy that I had it to concentrate on. I cannot wait to work with Upper Deck and Marvel again in the future.

I used this set as an excuse to re-work an old puzzle piece I did many years ago, of the film versions of the Avengers. This was one of my first major sketchcard commissions and I sold it at Bristol Comic Con (only my second comic con that I had exhibited at). It was also my first project working with Copic Markers (which have since become a staple of my sketchcard work).


The original piece was a whole card bigger than the newer ‘official’ piece, so it’s awesome to see what I can do with the small space now considering how daunting I remember it once being. I also added in a few new Avengers to have it keep with the flow of the Spider-verse as well as a little bit more up-to-date with the films (though I kept a traditional comic book line up).A lot of things have changed since those first cards and I am pretty happy with how far my art has come in that time. Can’t wait to see where I go next and here’s to more improvements!

You can see a few of my favourite sketchcards from the set below, or check out the gallery to view all of my contributions to the set. Hope you enjoy them! 

Perna Studios’ ‘Spellcasters 2’ Sketchcard Set

Perna Studios’ ‘Spellcasters 2’ Sketchcard Set

As Perna Studios have started shipping out orders of Spellcasters 2, the artists are now allowed to reveal their contributions to the set. I always absolutely love working with Perna Studios. The subjects they deal with are always very fun and speak a lot to my own favourite subject matter, from Hallowe’en to Classic Fairy Tales and now enchanted creatures (which, as you know, I have a colouring book full of!). For this particular set, artists were asked to draw specifically examples of unicorns, faeries, mermaids, dragons and elves. I had so much fun working on different styles of unicorn and mermaid and may even consider a sketch book of mermaid designs in the future.

The mermaids I drew were lion fish, koi, octopus and flame angel inspired and I had so many more ideas that I would have liked to have played with. I also love my tropical zebra unicorn as I thought that would be a bit different and of course, the Hell/Demon-hybrid unicorn. I hope you like the cards. I contributed 20 to the set altogether, which you can see in the gallery below or on my portfolio page.

Be a Superhero For Babies


Be A Superhero for Babies

A few months ago I was approached by a lovely gent named Steve Frank who is fundraising for March of Dimes ‘March For Babies’ campaign. He was asking around the sketchcard community to see if any of us had the time to spare a few PSCs which he would then auction off to raise money for this deserving charity.

The March of Dimes helps to fund research into premature birth and the complications that may arise from it; it also helps by supporting families with premature newborns and those in intensive care. Steve is also fundraising via his personal Fundraising Page which you can find here.

I managed to draw up five PSCs altogether which I hope will go someway to helping him raise his fundraising goal and, more importantly, help this worthwhile charity and their cause. I drew up some characters who I know tend to be quite popular at auction (Black Cat, Captain Marvel, Harley Quinn and Spider Gwen) and I threw in an illustration of Sadness, a character from one of my favourite recent children’s films ‘Inside Out’.

Thanks to my awesome supporters on Patreon: Mike, Phill, Paddy, Jeff, Kath, Effy, Dave, Chris, Gav, Elaine, Katie, Michelle and Laura for helping me out by supporting me throughout May and giving me the time to work on more charity work and increase my portfolio. You guys rock!


DC Justice League Approved Cards

DC Justice League Approved Cards

Only the other week I shared with you the preview that  George Nadeau posted of my upcoming contribution to the DC/Cryptozoic Sketchcard set Justice League. Well, I am happy to announce that not only did all of my cards get approved by DC and Cryptozoic, but I am now able to show you each and every one of them. The set is due for release in 4 weeks (June 29th) and features some absolutely amazing artists that I am very proud to be counted among. Thanks again to Cryptozoic for the opportunity and I cannot wait to work with you again.

You can see the full range of 56 (!) cards I contributed in my Portfollio here. But below are a few of my favourites. I also did a little rainbow theme of one of the most popular versions of the JL team. Who is your favourite?


CHADPOPS’ ‘Working Girls Throughout The Ages’ Sketchcard Set Released

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CHADPOPS’ ‘Working Girls Throughout The Ages’ Sketchcard Set Released

This week saw the release of CHADPOPS highly anticipated sketchcard set ‘Working Girls Throughout the Ages’. I have been waiting to show you these cards for a while, mostly because I am very proud of them and really enjoyed all of the research that went into the history, costuming and even religion associated with the evolution of prostitution. I even managed to get a carnival character in there down to all of my research into circus culture while working on ‘Cirque Du Mort’.  The three legged woman you can see in my contributions is my interpretation of Blanche Dumas, a French courtesan who was born with three legs (and two vaginas! Not pictured *wink*). I have also included famous historical women who also happened to be prostitutes including the famous pirate Ching Shih, Calamity Jane (if only Doris Day knew!), Nell Gwynn and Mata Hari; and some religious characters including St. Mary Magdelene, the Aztec Goddess Xochiqutzal and Babylonian Goddess Ishtar. I also drew two male prostitutes – a Roman gladiator and a Japanese kagema.

You can see the entire collection of my contributions here, but below are a selection of some of my favourites. I hope you like them and you can also check them out on my Facebook and my Instagram @AnastasiaCatris.


DC’s SuperVillains Sketch Cards Preview


I am really excited to share with you my preview cards for the upcoming DC Supervillains Trading Card and Sketchcard set, published through Cryptozoic. The lovely folk at DC and Cryptozoic chose to preview my Killer Frost, Riddler and Bleez (all of whom I am pretty proud of), but I also worked on many other big names including the Clown Prince of Crime himself; cosplay favourites such as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy; and some more bizarre(o) villains. It won’t be long now until the sets release and I can’t wait to be able to show you all of my other contributions to this set. I hope you like what you see so far.

Don’t forget that I am also on Instagram if you would like to follow my artwork live there.





Perna Studios’ ‘Classic Fairy Tale’ Sketchcards Released

Perna Studios’ ‘Classic Fairy Tale’ Sketchcards Released

I am happy to be able to finally reveal my contributions to Perna Studios’ Spring 2015 Sketch Card Set, ‘Classic Fairy Tales. I contributed 19 cards to this set and I really enjoyed coming up with the ideas. I have to say that even though I really enjoyed it, it was also pretty challenging as I LOVE fairy tales and, if I’m honest, wanted to draw too many things. Maybe one day I can work on my own little collection of fairy tales, or maybe even an illustrated book? This project definitely got me thinking.

Here are a few of my favourite from the set, but you can see the entire collection in my Gallery. I would love to know what your favourite card is, or what your favourite fairy tale is? I have already started working on three personal commission APs for this set, but still have two left so maybe I can work your favourite into one of those. So far Alice in Wonderland and Snow White are definitely proving the most popular…

Cover image is © Perna Studios.

Dinosaur Galaxy Preview



Dinosaur Galaxy Preview

The guys at Monsterwax have kindly given the go ahead to preview two of my contributions to their ‘Dinosaur Galaxy’ set. This is my third set working with animal likenesses (Insectae and The Deep from Viceroy being the first) and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I tried to stay clear of using any Spielberg reference as ‘Jurassic Park’ hase become a definitive mainstream view of what dinosaurs should have looked like, and most of that imagery was very dramatised. But one of the most fun things about this set is that we have no idea what colour many of the dinosaurs were! So I played around a little with the spectrum.


This is actually (above) a dilophosaurus (or my rendition of one anyway). In ‘Jurassic Park’, you may know them as the spitting dinosaur that looked a bit like an over-sized frill necked lizard? Well, that was a very Hollywood over-exageration of the actual creature and there is no evidence of the frill or venom spitting. They were also apparently much larger than they were portrayed in the film, but Spielberg reduced their size so as not to get them confused with velociraptors.


This (above) is my version of an Ankylosaurus. He looks a little worried about something, but I think he’s kind of cute. I noticed as I was doing this project that I tended to give the herbivores a cooler palette than the carnivores, whether or not that was a psychological choice I don’t know. I’m looking forward to getting the okay to show you the rest of the set soon, but until then, this small preview will have to do.

Breygent’s ‘Women of Dynamite’ Premiere at SDCC

Breygent’s ‘Women of Dynamite’ Premier at SDCC

On the 3rd April 2014 I announced that I would be featuring as an artist in Breygent Marketing Inc.’s ‘Women of Dynamite’ Sketch Card set, in association with Dynamite Entertainment (Yes – THE Dynamite Entertainment! Home of Red Sonja!) Not only would I be lucky enough to be a part of this set, but it was also going to be released at San Diego Comic Con – the Mecca of Comic Cons! So, as you can imagine I was pretty excited.

Big thanks go out to Gail Simone for giving me the incentive to work on this set. I was lucky enough to sit behind her at Cardiff Comic Con last year and decided to draw her a Red Sonja Sketch Card. It was a little bit rushed and nowhere near the quality I wanted it to be and I was determined to make her a better version, so I did as soon as I got home (see below). Gail tweeted me saying that it was ‘gorgeous’, which boosted my confidence to no end as she is a creator I really admire.


A few weeks later, I was contacted by Breygent for some up-to-date samples for a new secret set they were working on. Little did I know that it was a set that would include Sonja herself! I sent them a scan of this card and it obviously ticked all of their boxes because next thing I knew I was being asked how many cards I would like to do. So, thank you Gail for being so encouraging of emerging artists – especially when they are drawing characters so close to your heart – and inspiring me to draw this card which ultimately led to me working on this set.


Now that San Diego is over, you can finally see the artwork I submitted to this set, as well as know how many cards I contributed (29). I decided to do some traditional classic versions of each character as well as an Art Nouveau alternative.

Below are a few of my favourite cards that I contributed to the set, but you can see all 29 sketch cards I contributed here. I am currently available for AP Commissions if anyone is interested, simply use my contact form. Please let me know in the messages below if you have picked up any of my sketch cards from the set. It’s always nice to know that my cards have gone to a good home. I am also now on Instagram, so please tag me @acatris if you picked up any of my cards from Breygent.

Cover photo is © Breygent Marketing Inc. and Dynamite Entertainment

Hallowe’en Artist List Revealed


Perna Studios’ ‘Hallowe’en’ Artist List Revealed…

Perna Studios have today announced their full artist line up for the 2014 release of their ‘Hallowe’en’ Sketch Card Set. Looking through the list I am so proud to be a part of this set as  Iknow a number of the names from various sketch card forums and Facebook groups and the quality of this set is bound to be stellar. Their recent set ‘Classic Mythology II’ has been doing exceptionally well among sketch card collectors and has featured some fantastic takes on classical mythology and pagan lore. I for one cannot wait to see what Tony and Elaine put forward with their Hallowe’en set and will definitely be picking up a few packs of my own. If you would like to see links to all of the artists various web pages and DeviantArt accounts, be sure to check out Perna Sudios’ original post here.

What sort of thing would you like to see from the Hallowe’en  set? Trick or treaters? Vampires? Mummies? Let me know in the comments section below…