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Anastasia Catris is a freelance illustrator and writer from Wales in the United Kingdom. After graduating from Royal Holloway, University of London with a BA Hons in English Literature, she travelled to the United States to pursue her passion for comics and graphic novels by studying at The Kubert School of Comic and Cartoon Art.

She returned to the UK in 2009, taking her first art job as an illustrator for HarperCollins Publishers. Her debut illustrated book, 'SuBo’s Cat: The Imaginings of Susan Boyle’s Pampered Pussy', a satirical comedy cartoon, was published through HarperCollins in 2010 and was sold in book stores worldwide.

She began exhibiting at comic conventions in 2011, becoming a regular face at acclaimed expos including Showmasters and MCM. Her experience at conventions led her to producing ACEOs and Sketch Cards, for which she has since been hired by International companies such as Viceroy, Unstoppable, Breygent, Cult-Stuff and Perna Studios.

Most recently she has appeared a featured artist in the Kerrang Magazine 'K! Komic' and Cygnus Alpha's '12 Doctors of Christmas'.

She is currently working with producing a fortnightly web comic Geek Pillow Talk, as well  as continuing her sketch card work. Her debut creator-owned material Cirque Du Mort, which she has both written and illustrated, is scheduled to release in 2014.


  • Daniel Grosvenor
    The Sprout Online

    Anastasia is a highly talented and original artist. She is always a pleasure to work with due to her original ideas, creative output, and bright and friendly disposition.

  • Kratos Nutrition
    Kratos Nutrition

    Anastasia was extremely helpful throughout the process of designing and illustrating a promotional picture for my nutrition company. I was very detailed in my brief and she went on to produce exactly what I wanted. Highly recommended.

  • Richard Weston
    Chriton Seward Photography

    Anastasia is a fantastic artist whose original art work graces the walls in my office. It's a pleasure to view every time I walk in there to do my work.

    I cannot recommend her skills and talent more highly.

  • Reservoir Wolves
    Reservoir Wolves

    I offered Anastasia a job to design a company logo for the Reservoir Wolves band. I had given Ana a rough idea of how I wanted it to look but the results surpassed all expectations. A very friendly, helpful, talented and dedicated service provider, Ana deserves to go a long way in her chosen vocation.

  • Mike Chen
    The Kubert School

    Ana is a very creative individual. Her artistic ability is superior to the average student at the Kubert School. She is quite tenacious when working on a project. She won’t stop until the work is completed according to her own strict set of standards. She is also highly professional, mature and intelligent. If you ever needed her to do a job, you would never have to worry about the quality of the work or when it would be delivered. Ana will get the job done right.